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Blackbox || BBOS tokens are units and ecosystem exchanges

Hi my friends now explain the part of the BlackBox Company that provides Tokens and the BBOS Platform, to make it easy for everyone, the Platform is currently under development and can experience significant changes in not yet released. The expectations of participants in the form and use of the BBOS Platform and Tokens can not be completed after launching a new Website, Platform deployment, additional products and services for many reasons, including the change plans and implement plans and implementations. BBOS tokens are based on the Ethereum protocol and are in line with the widely used ERC20 standard.
The development and launch of Blackbox is the initial and primary goal of the Blackbox Token Sales. The Blackbox digital platform is not a stock or other exchange investment instrument. Blackbox is currently under development.
Digital cryptography, which is a digital software product (not cryptocurrency), makes Token Blackbox a safe representation of the right to obtain digital goods and services in favorable conditions. Tokens can be exchanged unilaterally with the Participant policy (reverse Token exchange is not possible).

BBOS tokens are issued on the Ethereum and blockchain platforms
BBOS tokens are also designed to be exchanged with exchanges of cryptographic tokens. Blackbox does not guarantee its followers that BBOS Tokens will be exchanged for larger stock exchanges, but will make commercially reasonable efforts and in the power of Blackbox to allow exchange of BBOS tokens in as many exchanges as possible.

BBOS tokens will be registered or provided to exchange other cryptographic tokens and / or fiat money, and BBOS Tokens do not dare to give any guarantees given with the capacity (volume) of potential exchanges. This must be explicitly warned, that the exchange, if any, may be subject to poorly understood regulatory oversight.
Blackbox provides no guarantees regarding any exchange service provider. Participants can be exposed to fraud and failure. In any case, Blackbox will not activate the BBOS Token exchange for other cryptographic tokens or fiat currencies.

Blackbox tokens are not a product of consumers and the holder accepts explicitly and agrees that they are not protected by consumer protection rules from each jurisdiction.
Each Party must be bound to check whether the acquisition and disposal of BBOS Tokens is valid in their jurisdiction, and by accepting these Conditions, each Participant promises not to use BBOS Tokens if their use is invalid in the relevant jurisdiction.

The sale and distribution of BBOS Tokens will only be offered through the Website. No third party websites or other providers are permitted to distribute and sell BBOS Tokens. No third party websites or different providers are permitted and are not supported, involved, authorized, or supported by Blackbox and have no connection with the Blackbox company.

Here are the times and ways to distribute BBOS Tokens:
BBOS tokens will be distributed for two events: Pre-Sales Tokens and Token Sales.
In total, there will be 1,000,000,000 BBOS Tokens ("Total Token Blackbox Number")
Blackbox will not make additional BBOS tokens at any time after the initial token is released
BBOS tokens must be distributed in the following ways: 37,500,000 in private sales 58,330,333 in presale and 250,000,000 in general sales - price of basic tokens (1 token = $ 0,16)


The platform will be based on the protocol itself. Displayable Values, which do not depend on socio-economic factors, are free of fees and taxes and other negative influences. This protocol is built in such a way that the system is able to examine lazy people, at the same time fair to respect honest employees. By signing a contract through a protocol (PoV), the platform provides management, consistency in any work, and bonuses for implementation. The payment system reduces operating costs and accelerates the payment of labor. This is the first module that uses the DVP module to accurately assess and pay bonuses to employees for actual and accurate work.

Now the project team is doing ICO, where you can buy BBOS tokens for $ 0.16 per coin.




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