Bravo - Send Payments With The Power Of Blockchain

What Is Bravo?

Bravo is an imaginative programming that is perfect for the task of a stage for exchanging cash between clients. Utilizing the blockchain enables you to productively and rapidly play out any exchanges including digital currency. Secure, mysterious, greatly quick installments - this is precisely what the decentralized Bravo stage offers to its clients. The designers have done everything to make exchanges as sheltered and operational as conceivable - scholarly contracts shield cash from the fraudsters' infringements and are a certification of the exchange.

How Does Bravo Work?

Bravo can be used by all associations and customers who are involved with fast, secure portions using advanced cash. Meanwhile, Bravo is an amazing programming with a fundamental interface and low costs for its organizations. Each client pays only 2% of the entirety - there is no such low commission wherever else.

It will help to the fight against tax avoidance/non-getting of improperly picked up resources, the fight against duty shirking, in Western countries it is outstandingly difficult to use bank trades, there are far reaching commissions, for trade you will probably need to go to a branch or an ATM and hold up some time as opposed to minute translation et cetera. If we consider the current concentrated organizations - each one of them are veritable delegates and require a certifiable portion for their organizations.

Token Details

Token Name: BRAVO
Ticker: BVO
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Hardcap: 34,700,000
Token Price: 0.10 cents
Accepted Currencies: ETH,BTC,USD

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So that's all for this article As An Ico Investor I trust that this task has much potential. And The specialty of secure P2P exchanges is free. I believe that if the venture creates at that point it will be 100% effective. Indeed, good fortunes To BRAVO Team And All Investors!








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