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I think you have already noticed that the modern market and its projects are based on the technology of the future - the blockbuster. Blockchain brought a new model to the current business. And today at us on a review the commercial platform on the blockbuster ApolloX.

ApolloX is an online business project designed to overturn the operational idea of ​​the dominant players in the virtual retail business, for example, Amazon and eBay. The current difficulties with these segments of the average business Internet business can be related to the focal business thought of the usual stages of online business.

An ordinary network can not support trade at a decent level, and it will not be able to create arrangements that will not be subject to change. These features make brokerage organizations an inevitable part of trading.
The method of middle firms based on the distribution of benefits facilitates the path to obtaining benefits, and this is a fundamental goal, instead of offering really tested and reasonable conditions for exchange. Using the blockchain innovation to honestly decentralize the commercial online business, these difficulties can be easily solved.

How does decentralized e-commerce platform Apollox improve the experience of virtual purchases?

It offers decentralized trust, supported by the community.
Providing security from dubious suppliers is a must for virtual buyers. Customers rely on leading business brands to obtain such confirmation, even if some of the extensive partnerships are not permanently reliable.
A decentralized web business platform will offer a general guarantee for virtual buyers and sellers without intermediary organization, basically, trust is offered to all network agreements through the implementation of ApolloX protocols.

Decentralized retail stores adhere to the guidelines set by the network. For example, each related purchase information is stored in the blockroom with the final goal, so that it can not be changed without studying alternative meetings.
Any difference in the ApolloX protocol exchange will be settled by the ApolloX protocol mediation strategy to ensure the susceptibility and value. Subsequently, customers will be more relaxed and protected when buying in virtual stores, working on the protocol ApolloX.

Elimination of intermediaries to obtain lower prices.

The introduction of web business is organized mainly on the exchange strategy, for example, promotion, commercial placement center and so on. This regularly causes a cosmic increase in the cost of the goods.
Developing the entire community to the status of a blockbuster platform, it will be possible to reduce the number of unnecessary agents and perform a greater number of general exchanges. ApolloX aims to reduce the cost to 40% for regular customers.
This is valuable for traders, buyers and, in addition, manufacturers, since this cost leads to expansion of transactions even with an equivalent total income.

Regulation of data by the user and additionally sellers

Every information about purchases in the ApolloX protocol is consent and is protected by coding. The encoded information must be seen by the client who has the corresponding key.
With the ApolloX protocol, every trading activity on the platform, for example, viewing, selecting and buying can be obtained simply by the participants in exchange.

Appropriate incentives for ApolloX users

The ApolloX community is focused on evaluating tokens, which makes the conclusion that Apollox benefits participants, customers and platform supervisors who have created a three-way structure.

With this system, ApolloX is not controlled by the administration, but by each community member. Hence it follows that the ApolloX solution makes it problematic to give out secret information about the customer, fraud and sale of clients' interests.


ApolloX is a blockbuster platform that is created to facilitate e-commerce. Its main mission is flexible pricing for its users and protection of private customer information. The value of the product is reduced, and sellers receive a higher net income.

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All the important information can be found here:

Website: https://apollox.network/
Whitpaper: https://apollox.network/whitepaper
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apolloxnetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network
Telegram: https://t.me/apolloxgroup
bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4650252


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