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Review of ICO

Good time cryptomagnets!

Radio and the Internet - the truth, an unusual combination? As soon as the Internet speeds began to allow sound to be transmitted in an acceptable quality, a lot of radio stations appeared on the Internet that used a lot of musical directions. The developers of the project MFTU - Mainstream For The Underground - came to a decision to combine the legal norms of copyright, the system of blockade, crypto, music and the Internet. At the same time they got an interesting project for popular and little-known, independent performers.

In the MFTU project:

  • every reproduction of a musical composition is protected by copyright independently professional is a performer or a beginner;

  • any radio station from the project meets the highest requirements that can be submitted for online broadcasting;

  • all legal relations with artists are based on an economic model based on double tokens;

  • musical executors are not divided into professional and beginners - all have the same rights on the project;

  • all radio stations and performers do not disagree with generally recognized human values;
    The conducted research of performers has shown that 90.7% are little-known musicians; 6.8% - gaining popularity; 2.3% are well-known performers; 0,2% - Mega of the Star.
    MFTU offers the following services for performers:

  • GO VIRAL - service allows fans to track when your song is playing and informs them about it through social networks. Listeners are always aware that their favorite song or performer is live!

  • CyberFM AIRTIME - this technology has been working for 10 years. As soon as you become an MFTU performer you will receive an aired on the entire CyberFM radio network and partner channels absolutely free.

  • "Strategy" - along with the main performers, the algorithms of the system reproduce your music as well, thus the fans of one performer may well become yours in the same genre. Thus, an equality rule is achieved for all performers.
    Let us pass to the economic part of the project. The MFTU platform uses two CYFM and MFTU tokens. Other economic components:

  • Business plan. It has been successful for more than 10 years. Every year new investors join the project.

  • Base of listeners. It is already quite numerous, install the necessary applications and join the fans of CYFM!

  • Base of performers. The variety of musicians and genres that they perform is very great.

  • Mobile applications. Available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

  • Own wallet. Create your own crypto-currency wallet in Hexel and get additional benefits from paying tokens with it.

  • Internet trading. It already works! Tokens CYFM and MFTU can be exchanged both on this site and on others.

If CYFM is a crypto currency for the payment of artists' fees officially registered in their country, then MFTU is primarily intended for payments to unofficial and independent performers around the world!
They are both compatible with ERC20 and are based on the ETH block system. That allows them to be universal payment systems. Listeners can get them as a prize in a contest or when exchanging another currency and use it to pay premium membership fees, to download songs or under other conditions.

One of the important tasks of this project is to create online payments as royalty to songwriters and songwriters based on an open source information system, with the support of the aforementioned pair of tokens. This is a kind of analogue to the use of traditional monetization with the help of subscriptions, the purchase of content, promotions used on conventional radio stations.
The project team includes: James Tilee (James Tylee) - the main founder of the network radio CyberFM and the project MFTU. AJ Borja is the head of the department for managing existing and new projects. Scott Shane Holt (Scott Shane Holt) - a trusted consultant and head of the marketing department.

It is clear that such a fusion of music, performers, listeners and the Internet will benefit everyone. Additional financial incentives will help authors and performers "get to the stars", and their fans will receive a lot of positive emotions from new musical compositions.

The project team - 100.00%

All the important information can be found here:

Website :


Bitcointalk username: ltymub

Bitcointalk Profile:;u=2247659

Telegram username: @lica2017

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