Bitcoin continues its growth, and the reward for 1 block of the Ethereum network decreases


CEO BitMEX: first bitcoin will fall to $ 5 thousand, and then grow to $ 50

Arthur Hayes, CEO of the cryptoexchange, in an interview with CNBC, expressed the opinion that the worst event for bitcoin is only ahead, even though in the last week its value has increased significantly.

Hayes says that he is interested to see if the bears' moods on the market can lower the cost of bitcoins to $ 5000.

This is the only way we can find out if bitcoin has reached the bottom. But if the first cryptocurrency will withstand this test, then bitcoin will grow to $ 50,000, the CEO of BitMEX said.

Hayes is also confident that his previous forecast will come true. At the end of last month, he made a statement that the Cryptocurrency, which during the year makes a jump to $ 20 thousand, could also fall sharply to $ 6 thousand. Yet, the positive decision of the regulators will immediately affect the growth of bitcoin.

In July, another forecast was made. A billionaire from America, Mark Lasri, expressed the opinion that bitcoin would reach $ 40,000. According to the investor, this is facilitated by HYIP around cryptocurrency and a large number of sites for trading bitcoin.

Bitcoin continues to grow
On Sunday, the cost of bitcoin exceeded $ 7,500.

July 22 at 16:30 the cost of the first cryptocurrency was $ 7,518, and its capitalization - $ 129 billion.

Last week, the bitcoin rate was already rising above $ 7,500, this happened on July 18, but for a long time the course could not resist.

The developers of Ethereum will reduce the cost of the award for the block

TrustNodes published the news that the developers of Ethereum plan to reduce the reward for one unit. Now it will cost not 3 ETH, but 2 ETH. According to the developers, this cost will help to maintain the balance of the network.

Also, the developers of Ethereum are confident that the solution will help minimize the branching of the network by the miners.

Hudson Jameson shared information that the second stage of the Metropolis hamper, which is called Constantinople, is implemented until October. That's when the Devcon conference will be held, which will be held in Prague.

Vitalik Buterin has already told us that you can not wait for the simultaneous introduction of Casper and Sharding.

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