2018 Pyeongchang United States Olympic Luge Team to Accept Bitcoin Donations

At the weekend, the American Olympic Luge team announced that it was the country's first Olympic team, which was to advocate and accept Bitcoin. Only two months left from the South Korean winter sports, there is enough time to promote a quiet and cool Olympic sport, while promoting a quiet and crazy way of working. Money

USA Olympic Team Goes Crypto

"It's a natural and good option for the team - Luge does not think in the short term, but for a long time," said Crypto investor and former Olympian Ti Dinko.

First of all, with negligence, legs and shoulders, Olympians are known to increase the speed in the high eighties (one hundred and fifty) and one hundred and forty (km). This game is also called as the 15th century and the 15th century.

"With the clear goal of maintaining the Olympic Games in 2022 and 2026, it is expected to develop training programs, along with the ability to support the entire team at the World Cup level with insufficient financing by the game. Base athletes for people, "said Denko

And now, the most accurate storm seems to be that biticoin prices reach up to 19,000 US dollars on the global stock exchanges,
But we do not let go and if the team will enter enough bitcoin to fund its efforts in Pekingcheng in South Korea in February, then it is a good chance that this will be a big story because South Korea is completely cryptologically .

Mr. Denko said, "Bitcoin is still in its infancy and on this wave, the United States is dependent on Luge for both courageous and egoistic." The first recorded example of the game's cryptocurrency effect is compared to 2014, when Duetskin Jamaica's Bobsley team was sent as an approval for more than an authentic endowment.

Crazy Sport, Crazy Money, Country Crazy for Crypto

These are the first winter sports in South Korea, who have hosted two summer games in their history. Over the winter, the country brings competition to more than a dozen ice games, including skiing, figure skating, hockey, speed skating and snowboarding. Some 88 countries will participate and compete. Includes sled single and double, and it is also a student. The Olympic Luge contest will be held on the privately-owned Atlantica Gliding Center for the next matches.

This is a huge facility, which costs more than $ 100 million

"You know, we hear a lot of jokes about crazy oaters, and people do not know why we do this," said Gordy Shery, Olympic medalist and team marketing director. "But sledging is something that comes into your blood and transforms your life ... and the bitcoins we have got to know really that there is something like this in the world,

Which does not yet appreciate. Hard bitcoin has seen, and it certainly is a risk reward that we understand and look forward to take. "

Their jacket is also known for sponsorship patches. Perhaps the logo of bitcoin can be displayed at some point, helping to separate the team in promoting and promoting cryptocurrency.

source https://news.bitcoin.com/2018-pyeongchang-united-states-olympic-luge-team-to-accept-bitcoin-donations/

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