30 People Who Were Really Wrong About Bitcoin

In 1903 a president of a bank scolded, "The horses are here to stay, but the car is only a novelty, a fashion", Henry Ford's lawyer has warned not to invest in a car company. After 80 years, inventor Marty Cooper predicted: "Cell phones will not replace local cable system." And, after 30 years, a series of experts has emerged to reject the latest technologies - bitcoin
The most brutal predictions of Bitcoin
Every disruptive element of technology attracts its opponents and suspicions. Some people do not get this, others do not want it, others are depriving it of self interest. Earlier this week, former US Federal Reserve chairman Al Greenspan said, "Bitcoin is not a rational currency." It came from the same person, in 2011, "United States pay your debt because we can always print money."

About 30 people are really wrong about bitcoin. Sometimes feedback is not enough, face bitcoin reaches the end of a record year, it seems that it takes time to review the reports of bitcoin opponents, who have been forced to eat their words. Get out of popcorn and feel comfortable because we dip into the ever made Dark Bitcoin Statement.

“So, That’s the End of Bitcoin Then” – Forbes. The publication continues:

[Bitcoins are] not liquid, nor a store of value, as the price collapse shows and if they’re none of those things then they’ll not be a great medium of exchange either as who would want to accept them?…It’s difficult to see what the currency has going for it.
“The Bitcoin Is Dying. Whatever.” – Gizmodo Australia. It reads:

So Bitcoin, we’ll remember the good times, like the time that one guy who got heat stroke while mining Bitcoins. Or the time there was the great heist caper that shut down trading site Mt Gox for an entire day. The lulz were abundant. But frankly, it’s time for you to go. Farewell.

Wired: "[Vitcoin] fluctuation and unified irreversibility, it will condemn the deposit over history."

Business Insider: "Bitcoin is a joke."

"Beware of this new deadly scam of currency" - Salon
source https://news.bitcoin.com/30-people-really-wrong-bitcoin/?utm_source=OneSignal%20Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push%20Notifications

2014 was peak stupidity for writing off bitcoin, as the following soundbites show.

Jason Hoffman, Ericsson vice president: Bitcoin’s blockchain is a good strategy to emulate if “you throw away the actual currency part of it.”

“Bitcoin is neither a relatable store of value nor a helpful unit of account.” – Reuters

John Crudele, New York Post columnist:

Bitcoins are a fake currency that is nothing more than a confidence scheme. Their only value is that there are a few layers of gullible people who are willing to accept them as some form of payment. Eventually this confidence game will end. Go out and buy Beanie Babies instead. At least you can take them to bed at night.

Valley News:

Whoever believes that Bitcoin conquers believes that he will be successful where the previous generations of private currencies have failed - that Bitcoin succeeds, then accumulated state power is impossible to reverse more than a century Even the way, jealously applies ruthlessness and ruthlessness. This is an absurd fantasy - and dangerous, if you are an investor
30 people who have actually betrayed Bitcoin "Bitcoin was allowed to generate money as currency, then more and more economic uncertainty, will produce a decrease in business and personal level of living." - business Insider

Former Federal Reserve Bank, Mark T. Williams analyst: Bitcoin will "trade in less than $ 10" until June 2014.

Commodity trader Dennis Gartman: Bitcoin is "nothing more than the first rate scam" (three years later, he still announces bitcoin.)

Blogger John Gruber: "Instead of Bitcoin, I satisfied myself throw $ 100 bills in the toilet I am deep in red, but at least I understand what's really going on .."
Post: "Bitcoin is not a currency, it's Ponz

For anyone looking for an excuse for more popcorn, all the rabbinic tweets about Bitikone are delicious.

There are actually 30 wrongly wrong people on bitcoin "bitcounces another dot bubble are going to explode and they will leave $ 1 to $ 1 by the end of 2016." - R / Marcimides

"Bitcoin is spiked and it is very unlikely that it will increase the value again ... it is basically a developed Ponzi plan." - Forbes

Jamie Damon:
There will be no real, non-controlled currency in the world. There is no government that’s going to put up with it for long…there will be no currency that gets around government controls.

“The blockchain does not solve a single problem that anyone, anywhere has – unless you are a criminal and need an anonymous currency to pay or be paid.” – PYMNTS.com


Bitcoin is a non-thing. It will never be able to have an independent, sovereign value on its own, because it is a non-thing…the Bitcoin is, in fact if not in intention, a fraud; it is an attempt to muscle-in on the enormous scam of universal fiat money, which is a curse upon mankind. And as a scam, it will go to the dustbin of history.

The Guardian: "Before the company drowns, Bitcoin holds an idea to hide the ship." The value of the currency has remained steady for months (with the exception of a slight respite in the beginning of November it was taken in a Chinese Ponzi plan), but perhaps more, the campaign has practically disappeared.

Tavet Hinrichs, CEO of Transfer Wise:

Bitcoin, I think we can say, is dead. There is no traction, no bitcoin uses Bitcoin experience, I think we can say, is over.
"RIP bittoine is the time to move on." - Washington Post

"Bitcoin was going to change the world, what happened?" - Volks

About 30 people who are really wrong about the Beat Coin "Bitcoin is a fraud, it is worse than Tulip bulbs." - jmie dimon

Two months later, Jamie Morgan Chase and Company Jamie Damon is studying business opportunities according to the "Bitcoin market expectations".
2018 Whatever bitcoin brings, it is definitely full of more publishers who write inexplicably digital currency. See you for more popcorn, scandinfrid, and some laugh in 12 months

Do you think the enemies have to learn to remember their language in 2018, or have online bitcoins for more inhuman statements? Tell us in the comments section below

SOURCE https://news.bitcoin.com/30-people-really-wrong-bitcoin/?utm_source=OneSignal%20Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push%20Notifications

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