Analyst: Suspicious Bitcoin Mempool Activity, Transaction Fees Spike to $16

With a volume of nearly 20 billion dollars, Bitcoin daily transaction volume to reduce a record in key areas, MemPool started to develop Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin Memple Size Spike, Increase in Transaction Cost
In Bitcoin, Mumppool works as a waiting area for indeterminate transactions. To confirm the transaction, until the children wait for the payments made by users to reach minors in Mimpoles.The size of Bitcoin Mampul, which is approximately 79 millions of bytes at the time of reporting, represents the cumulative size of the pending confirmation transaction.

Bitcoin MemPool's size is high transaction cost, if such a blockchain, Coinbase and Trezor emphasizes the need for this high cost, which can delay the deal for several days, without increasing portfolio platforms as if Bitcoin MemPool do away Go On December 7, the size of Bitcoin MemPool reached 120 million bytes, increasing the number of points more than two times in a 24 hour interval. As a result, the bitcoin transaction fee recommended departments, jumped for $ 30 based on the size of transactions and the number of inputs or output.

Bitcoin fees, predictive application of Beatcone Fees at, previously known as 21 ink, currently recommends a fee of 450 Satis for every byte for medium sized transactions, resulting in 101,700 Satos There is a fee. In the US dollar, bitcoin charges recommended for medium sized transactions are $ 16.
"Suspicious behavior" in Bitcoin Mampul
An experienced breadwinner analyst and researcher Nick Carter said that a sudden increase in the size of Bitcone Mampul is skeptical because many Satoshi byte transactions have dissolved the Memul and Bitcoin block channel.

Carter suggested that a cheap transaction spam attack prevented the Bitcoin Blockchain network from clearing transactions and processing payments.

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