IOTA Interview: “Trust Systems Are Absolutely Pivotal” Today

The digital network designed for IOTA, Internet of Things (IOT) has recently seen a huge increase in the value of MIOTA's own cryptrocorty. According to the SIN Market Cap, the company has been transferred from the 9th to the fourth place, replacing the rapall, the biggest market capitalization, which holds 4th position.

To understand that due to the reason for this explosion of value, Coentellgraph met the IOTA co-founders, Dominic Shearer and David Cunestebo, due to the recent incidents.Sikkilaag: A huge increase in MIOTA has been encouraging in recent weeks. Do the explosions of prices stem from your opinion?

IOTA: IOTA has been in intensive development for two years and has not made money on marketing. At that time, we used to focus on feeling this next generation distributed registry technique. During this time, we rejected scholarships to list IOTA so that it could be ensured that everything was working properly before coming to market.

It explains why IOTA does not attract much attention from nowhere. People are following the project for a long time and they can finally enter. With the launch of Korea's list of Konon, Data Marketplace and later media coverage, I confirmed that the IOTA is strong as the leading cryptoconference and delivers the laser protocol.

We feel that this was the turning point for people watching far away from the IOTA.

CT: What is the recent partnership with Microsoft and Fujitsu?

IOTA: Microsoft is one of the cloud solution providers with their blue platform. Fujitsu, Samsung ARTI, Accenture and many others are searching the data market participants for the concept of secure and irreversible data talks in the decentralized registry. The first step towards open data flow in IOT is to realize that large data visibility.
Whistle: How is your stage different from traditional block chains?

IOTA: The short version is that IOTA goes beyond blockchain removing costs, scale boundaries and centralization issues. This certification protocol does the making of an internal property of use. When you do any transaction in IOTA, you also accept two previous castes, who referenced their two related transactions and so on, directing that escal graf that we have a confused it is said

IOTA: Such trust systems are absolutely essential when decisions are automated and can work globally in an instant. We believe that the integrity of data received for free in IOTA is a key component of it. Apart from this, we are working on Identifying Things (IDOT), which will make it easy to detect and protect components for protection against malware and develop reputation system.


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