Parcel Bomber in Germany Demands €10 Mln Ransom in Bitcoin

A German parcel bomber has paid as a bitcoin cryptocurrency for the ransom of 10 million euros. On December 8, 2017, Camiclase sent a message to a pharmacy near the Potsdam Christmas Market to claim a ransom through DHL Global Delivery Company.

Package bombs, which contain a QR code to collect bitcoin, as well as explosive powder of Polish fireworks, nails and screws,Make a strange sound sound when opened by a pharmacist. Fortunately, the bomb blast failed. The incident, however, forced the withdrawal of the entire Christmas market.

Police action on the incident
German police is investigating potential witnesses in the case of the bomb and the case of extortion. He believes that the bomb was dropped at the local packing station in Potsdam. They are already searching for Berlin and surrounding suspects, as well as in Brendenburg State.
All German police are alert because similar cases should be searched in the near future. Police advised the general public to be cautious and with utmost care to handle unexpected parcels. He emphasized that not all suspicious packages should be opened, but people immediately informed the police.

A methodology?
Use of bitcoin cryptocurrence as a preferred method of payment is part of the mode of operation of German singers, Because similar incidents have happened in the past. One of the latest high profile cases is the notorious Venky Ransomware that kills Deutsche sister rail company.

A $ 300 to $ 600 ransom is required to restore access to encrypted data on corporate computers and cyber criminals


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