The prediction for where the Bitcoin price will land in the near term, between $13,000-18,000


This is a prediction post based on my analysis of trends, charts, and public sentiment. I predict the price of Bitcoin will reach beyond $13,000 prior to 2018 and we could see as high as $18,000. The most accurate chart so far is the full chart of Bitcoin from it's very beginning until now. There are also arbitrage opportunities where we can see a high of $13,000 in some places so this is why I set that as the low. The high before 2018 being $18,000 and I think Bitcoin will peak out at this high as it's currently in a clear bubble pattern on the long term chart. The peak is not as high as the peak of 2013 though, which is why I think the price can go higher if it simply mirrors the previous trends.

I think Ethereum having just received it's Raiden upgrade is still undervalued. I think Steem will reach $2 in the coming weeks. I think when Steem implements the SMT features and expands the "opportunity space" that we will see $5 and eventually $10. This rise in price seems to be the cause of the cracking down as the US authorities seem to believe that when price rises dramatically that it could be a sign of money laundering. This case also is supported by the fact that Ransomware tends to use Monero these days and the very high profile NSA hack also used Monero. In response to the possible legislation the price of Monero has started to rise, all of this is predictable of course by anyone with deep understanding of cryptography and community sentiment.

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