Trading Column `The Writing On The Wall´ – Strategies for 2018; Hodl or Diversify?

For the year 2017 crypto has been quite a crazy year for merchants, it has packed with innumerable countless opportunities and a fraction of them to be appropriately evaluated. Because of the extreme bull market, all the medium and long-term strategies executed with some determination have become ridiculously successful, even if only keeping betoken, investing bitcoin money, investing various types of altcoins or big bets all popular under the sun On ICO

The Writing On The Wall

With the approach of the holiday season, traders now have the time to take steps, re-evaluate the current portfolio delivery and have their own time for the coming year. In this post, we will evaluate the current crypto landscape and see if we can make informed assumptions about how money will flow.
It is likely that the year 2018 will be remembered as a year when public interest exploded in Bitcoin, but scale approaches (Sagivit, Ascension, Mast, Lightning Network) actually came into effect, and another of the infected conflict The stage for the year is determined, which means more business opportunities for the trader, just on the horizon.

Since some parts of the community are certainly satisfied with bitcoin as a digital form of gold, the difference between SOV (Store of Value) and MOE (via the medium of the Exchange) is likely to increase. . Unbreakable reality bitcoin Although the failure of Segwit2x can be considered by several to be a testament to the flexibility of bitcoin, it was indicated for technical reasons, it was rejected
That there is no increase in the hard block size without recurring protection, the possibility of succeeding which was rejected Segwit2x on political purposes, it also means that for a group of companies to agree on a bit bitcoin bitcoin version first Actually, it is unlikely that the increase in block size can be launched other than an Altcore, as it is quite possible That the bitocaine Community Critokuranensi Market takes the MOE portion of a certain altcoin in 2018, while focusing on achieving it will be the second layer solution

Case: Although bitcoin Cash is definitely the property of the block size to manage the MoE market, its actual strength lies in its community's strong scale beliefs. Communities are the basis of the success of any cryptourrency; They understand market demand, which causes them to support services, And those who provide value and security for a coin, the strength of the combined community combined with the legacy distribution of Codebase and Bitcoin coins (BTC), makes Bitcoin Cash a serious opponent to capture the EM market in 2018.

Recommendation: Keep more bitcoin cache in the form of BTC.

Litecoin, block size: Effectively 4-8 MB (depending on SegWit adoption)

Case: Light Cone (LTC) is basically BitCoin, which is supplied 4 times Block Rate and 4 times. Although it does not share the coin distribution with bitcoin, it has a long history, is a popular popular shape, and this bitcoin sits comfortably outside the surrounding conflicts. With the implementation of SEGW, it allows the power network to be leveraged when it is ready,Which means that Light Cone can manage a high bit rate on the channel for betoken cache in 2018, while the advanced bitcoin can benefit from scaling approaches. Future.

Recommendation: Hold 4x more LTC than BTC.


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