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Cybercrime is one of the main threats of modernity: according to analysts, in 2017, hackers stole about $ 6 billion! The current rate of growth of cybercrime will increase the total cost of cybersecurity to $ 6 billion per year as early as 2021 and approximately will require efforts of 3 million IT security specialists.

DOS attacks bring incalculable losses not only to large foundation, but also to private individuals - losses from electronic wallets and credit cards are becoming common events of our time. Despite the fact that security systems of banks, companies and government bodies, in conjunction with a police, localize threats over time - the initiative in these battles belongs to intruders, and the affected party considers losses.

Uncloak - offers to revise rules of the game with the help of an innovative set of tools on the blockchain. Uncloak creates an analytical system managed by an AI, automated, constantly and comprehensively performing scanning of the Internet space for the purpose of early detection of cyber threats. Also, the system will provide user with verification of their IT security, can help to overcome weaknesses and even initiate a "hacking" of their computing power in real time, simulating the actions of intruders. All clients will be informed about all security problems in advance, which will allow them to take a set of effective measures. Uncloak can replace more specialized and highly paid specialists in the field of computer security, in addition save customers from buying expensive software and hardware. Uncloak's goal is to create a completely new one, one step ahead of cybercriminals, IT security markets: a mass, community-based, much more affordable and easy-to-use end-user.

What is Uncloak?:

  • Managed by AI complex of finding, checking and identifying hidden threats on the Internet;
  • True blockchain 3.0, which brings together on platform of IT security experts around the world to cooperate and address vulnerability and reward issues;
  • scanned of the cybersecurity system and vulnerability of the resources and infrastructure of customers, carried out in real time, automated and at very affordable prices;
  • a team of experienced IT security experts in the UK, USA, Malta and Pakistan.

How will it look like?

Uncloak, based on its own databases developed, is running AI and scans the public and private Internet for threats, using advanced technology developed in conjunction with Krzana TM the world's leading software development company for AI, capable of analyzing the Internet space the public sector, but also in social networks, private web resources and even in DarkNet. Information about identified potential threats, including malicious software, IP-addresses, codes, ID, etc. - Any information trail left by actual or potential intruders, as well as associated with them - will replenish the current cyber threat base.
AI using scanning will convert raw data files into the corresponding structural data for cyber threats:

Keeping information received in its cloud platform, Uncloak will inform customers about modern cyber threats space online, marking a information found accordingly and adapting it to customer requests. Further, info is transformed into security signatures and added to the Uncloak threat detection system, and user computing capacities, networks and infrastructures are tested for vulnerability. And if a vulnerability is detected, the end consumer will be at once notified for the appropriate action:

For whom is this important?

Market strategy Uncloak has a structure of two types: B2B partnership to cover global market and system of interaction with the subscription (B2C).
Uncloak product will be of interest to companies that:
They need an expert evaluation of their IT security solutions or know that existing security solutions are not relevant or do not correspond to the current threat level.
They are local innovative structures that require a high degree of IT protection, but are not able to implement and maintain advisory infrastructure, equipment and specialists.
They need to improve the level and capabilities of their IT resource, but they can not provide the required property parameters, attracting outside experts for security reasons.

They feel threat to business and / or product and need to meet the requirements of ISO, GDPR, FCA, SRA.
Uncloak seeks to collaborate with leading software vendors, seking insure them with an appropriate interface for implementing their solution on their platforms, which will create additional convenience for users to activate Uncloak in their private or cloud space:

Token is UNC-token of the trading platform and internal token of the UCC.

Uncloak uses EOS blocking in transactions dealing with UCC tokens to provide speed, energy savings and multithreading.
UNC can be purchased on exchanges or exchanged for Еthereum, Neo, BTC and used to purchase UCC or subscribe to the Uncloak platform in conjunction with payment of the platform's associated services system.
"White" hackers, "search engines" and validators who have found / tested vulnerabilities in client systems will be rewarded with UCC tokenclaim/checkingng for new vulnerabilities: a search appliance that has detected will receive 10,000 UCC, and search engines that have verified the reliability of such vulnerability will receive 1500 UCC tokens. UCC can be exchanged on a platform in UNC trade tokens. And UNC, in turn, is converted into ETC on public exchangers. So UCC on the Uncloak platform using smart contracts will use voice voting systems: the block chain and smart contract will reduce the use of manual administration to a minimum, and all subscribers of the platform will be serviced automatically.

ICO details
Hard Cap: $ 21,000,000
Total tokens in circulation: 4,200,000,000 UNC
Token price: 1 UNC = $ 0.01 USD
Country: United Kingdom
Accepted currencies: ETH
Minimum cost: $ 100
Maximum cost: $ 100,000
Presale ICO bonus: 30%

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