Blackfol is a leading social cross-trading platform that aims at helping users in wallet management, cross-trading and more. It relies on advanced Artificial Intelligence that places all the wallets at a central point for easy monitoring and management. The AI gives you real-time information on the current situations to allow you make the best move and in the process improve market performance. And as a social platform, it also helps to connect traders, share opinions and strategies, and get insights on the market. offers comprehensive crypto-currency management service that can be customized to suit your needs.

The crypto market is very vibrant at the moment. However, with proper guidance and management, you are highly unlikely to enjoy the benefits. was founded to help traders get the best for their investment. The social cross-trading platforms bring the best minds in the trade together so as to help you acquire tokens, wallet management, meet other traders, share tips and strategies and much more. The platform gets thumbs up for their strong financial skills, experienced experts, huge token distribution with a maximum of 600 million BLACK and a minimum investment of 100$. It has a simple yet effective roadmap that guides you on how the ICO will take place to save you the trouble of constantly monitoring the market.

ICO token sale.
In order to fund development for their ecosystem, is rolling out an ICO that began on 25th March 2018 and is set to end on 30th April 2018. The platform seeks to offer a maximum of 318 000 000 tokens. Each black is worth $ 0.04 base price and the minimum investment is 2500 black tokens at US $ 100. The only accepted mode of purchase is ETH which is available from this site and you only require an ERC-20 compatible wallet to be part of the ICO. Binance, IDEX, KuCoin, EtherDelta, Hit BTC, Poloniex, are some of the exchanges that will offer BLACK.

The Team
One thing that distinguishes from the competition and other market players its wealth of knowledge. It prides on a team of seasoned experts who have been in the financial market for many years. Through their knowledge and hands-on experience, the platform is able to come upon with winning innovations and strategies. Montes Charley, the co-founder, and CEO formed his first company at a tender age of 18 years while the SAUTRON Gael, the Co-Founder, and CTO, is skilled and passionate coder and developer analyst. JOUËT Eduard, the Chief Financial analyst, has worked in many countries including France, Australia, and Ireland, and is in charge of financial auditing, optimization, and restructuring. Other members include TAURU Louis, Creative Producer, DI MAGGIO Marie, Chief Marketing Officer, and YANAI Nicolas the Chief Design Officer.

Managing your wallet shouldn’t be a challenge. You don’t need to be in the dark when it comes to social cross-trading or the crypto market. You also can be part of their BLACK ICO that is currently taking place. Visit to learn more about the ICO, Roadmap, wallet management, and crypto market, social cross trading.


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