Invox Finance is an Ethereum-based invoice financing company headquartered in Australia. It was formed by ABR Finance members and is continuously expanding. The company utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize and isturb the invoicing industry. It tries to create a favourable environment where buyers, sellers, investors and other professionals can interact, connect, distribute and share information. By creating a suitable environment for information flow and implementation of transactions, Invox adds an element of transparency and trust between all the involved parties. It has a set of rules that govern all operations on the platform.

Invox Finance seeks to solve several issues including risks, frauds, insolvency, lack of direct contact, invalid invoices, unreasonably high legal costs, associated with invoice financing. The platform also includes a reward system that benefits all its participants. Investors can diversify their portfolio and enjoy high rates of return. As a seller, you'll appreciate the transparent environment where you can sell your invoices and get instant cash. Buyers too enjoy convenient and sufficient time to make their payments.

What makes Invox different?

Invox provides a set of Dynamic Invoice Smart Contracts that allow for secure storage of information related to payments, verification of invoices, and other vital information. The smart contracts will guarantee the involved parties that information kept is accurate, transparent and secure. Anyone can review the information any time they want but cannot tamper with it. This is a brilliant way of eliminating fraud in the invoicing industry.

The platform also features smart loan contracts that aid smooth flow of funds between all the participants. Instances of being conned and money lost is no longer an issue to worry about because funds can be directed to the right party provided the set conditions are met. If you want to loan your money, the terms and conditions must be coded first. This assures you that the terms will be enforced and that your funds are safe.


As a user of Invox platform, you enjoy free access to an intuitive processing hub. In fact, their main goal is to make communication efficient and simple. When doing business, you’ll be assured that you are dealing with reliable and trustworthy partners. You know the activity of each party and their current status. If you are interested in one, you can sign a deal with them. This is far much beneficial unlike traditional invoicing where you could blindly sign a deal with someone you don’t know.

Additionally, Invox Finance features an API bank integration feature that automatically connects to smart contracts. Microsoft Azure hosts this feature using Key Vaults. It makes the signing of transactions and other essential management issues run smooth.

Token ICO information

Buyers and sellers are rewarded with ERC20 tokens for activities such as verification of invoices, settlements and payments. The tokens provide access to Invox platform. However, you should enroll in the Trusted Member Program. The 30% bonus presale ended on March 24th, 2018. The Main Sale for 20% bonus will be on April 15th and will last for two days. For you to invest, you need a minimum of 0.1 ETH. Anyone can take part in the token sale. However, business owners will pay some membership fee which is done annually. If you are a seller or buyer, you won’t pay any fee. You can visit their website to learn more.


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