Ideal Crypto Portfolio balance explained

So most of you would like to know what is the best balance between the crytpo currency in the portfolio, let me present an idea portfolio which is balanced for crypto corrections and which will not fluctuate much even during market crisis and most importantly which allows you to buy low & sell high.
The problem we face with our normal crypto portfolio is that we don't achieve this balance & when crypto market goes RED then all our portfolio goes down meaning you cannot buy the dip but what if some cryptos didn't go down much with dip then you can buy low & sell high, that is what we should achieve.
20% Bitcoin (BTC)
10% CASH (USD)
10% Ethereum (ETH)
5% Litecoin (LTC)
50% Altcoins (Approx 15 different Altcoins selected based on potential to grow)

The trick here is to identify high performing coins & take the profits from them & feed the alt coins which are baby cryptos which are having poor days and nurture their portfolio. 50% stalwarts that you have in your portfolio will be very helpful for you to buy low & sell hight because Their percent proportions are balanced on a monthly or quarterly basis. The 10% and at times as high as 15% Cash postiion is invaluable during correction phase.
I wish you all massive profits with crytpo trading, I am new to golos & based on the support for my article I will post more often here, I can also do some technical analysis of coins along with research of the coins in news to pick the cryptos about to shoot in prices.

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