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Hello dears! Today I will review a project DAV Network , Public Sale, which will begin in 11 June , and on Pre-Sale collected $ 20 million of the 38 needed. Go!

What is the DAV Network?

DAV Network is a whole decentralized network of autonomous vehicles that will perform various services from cargo delivery to transportation of people over long distances. Also , one of the main goals of DAV developers is the scalability of their project around the world through decentralization. Several categories of individuals will earn in this network: various businesses; software developers who will create different applications for the convenience of users in the DAV network ecosystem; manufacturers of Autonomous vehicles, parts and accessories for them; insurance companies that will insure or transport drone cargo, or human life, during the trip by drone taxi; arbitrators, tracking and participating in smart contracts as the 3rd party.

What are the prospects for DAV?

Such major players in the market of transport services as Lyft and Uber, are currently actively engaged in the development of autonomous transport. 


But their difference from DAV is that they develop a closed system of management of these funds within their companies. Also, similar developments are engaged in Google. Statistics of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) suggests that every year more and more drones for personal and commercial use is registered in their database, by obtaining a Certificate of Authorization (COA) to use. Also, the number of States that issue legislative documents on autonomous vehicles is growing: in 2016, 20 States adopted such laws, in 2017, 33 States.

Based on the above, I conclude that in the future the industry of autonomous vehicles will continue to develop, and DAV Network with its decentralization will be actively implemented in various countries.

Which solves the problem of DAV Network?

Large companies such as Amazon, Domino's Pizza, Baidu, Airbus have already started to use in their work an autonomous vehicle.


 Accordingly, all this requires staff who will develop software for the drone, to do maintenance. It is also necessary to think about the infrastructure of the territory where these autonomous vehicles operate. With DAV Network, these problems are instantly solved, because the network will be a large number of developers who can make any software for a fee; in the same network, there will be companies that will be engaged in maintenance of autonomous vehicles; and with the development of DAV Network infrastructure will be developed in different parts of the world ( there will be charging stations for drones/robots, maintenance points, etc.). And a big plus to all this, will work with contractors on the basis of a smart contract.

The main components for the work of the DAV Network.

DAV Network positions itself as an open source platform and which is focused on software developers and provides a development SDK .  Working on DAV Network projects, the developer receives payment in DAV tokens.

Here are the main components of the DAV Network system:

1. DAV Identity. Each user of the network has his / her own identity card, to which the cryptographic key and the wallet are tied. Only a person who knows this data can sign a smart contract, or make changes to it. The history of payments and transactions that cannot be changed in any way is also tied to a certain identity card.  On the other hand, the network provides an opportunity to remain anonymous - for example, the customer of a certain service can see how many successful transactions have been performed by a certain drone, but he does not see who owns this drone.

2.  Discovery. An important mechanism in a DAV network is the discovery of each other, service providers, and customers by autonomous vehicles.  For example, drones have a place to parking or charge; it automatically locates on the network a request for service and the nearest place automatically confirm application if unable to provide this service. All this mechanism works with Kademlia algorithm, which was borrowed from BitTorrent.

3.  Communication. There are currently two types of communication in the DAV network: off-blockchain communication ( peer-to-peer communication) and on-blockchain communication. On-blockchain take the form of messages, which are generated from the smart contracts(such as changing the status of the drone, pick-tokens).  Off-blockchain communications are used for messages between two nodes that match a certain criterion. For example, on the screen of the drone appeared the inscription of any malfunction: immediately made a publication with certain attributes, all the nearest service stations, which can further participate in the auction for the provision of their services.

4. Mission Flow. This component is divided into several subsections: NEED - at this stage, the formation of the need for a particular service. For example, a person wants to take a stand-alone taxi from point A to point B. He places an appropriate request, which contains all the necessary information. Next is BID. Several autonomous taxis offer to perform passenger transportation services at different prices, and the person chooses the most suitable option , after which there is a SIGNING OF A SMART-CONTRACT that allows you to make payment after the job. Developers will be given the opportunity to create multi-stage smart contracts for specific customer requests. After the conditions of the smart contract are fulfilled, CONTRACT RESOLUTION, which can go through several scenarios depending on the conditions ( the most common, both participants put a mark in the smart contract on the successful completion of the task, after which the DAV token is immediately sent to the seller. Also, during the period of the task execution, there is the possibility of INTRA - MISSION COMMUNICATION, with the help of which data on the current task can be used for other smart contracts ( for example, a smart contract between an autonomous taxi and an insurance company, necessary for the passenger transportation). This component also allows to reduce the number of empty trips by interacting with the blockchain during the task.

5. Decentralized payments with DAV Token. The token fully complies with the standards of ERC-20, and includes several add-ons that are associated with advanced application in DAV Network and security.

And one more pleasant moment: DAV Network , within its own program for the development of the platform and transportation Network, will create a Fund that will support enthusiasts who will be the first to want to develop these areas in their cities.  It should be taken into account that to receive support from this Fund, you need to meet certain criteria.

I would not like to dwell on the project team for a long time, I will briefly tell you : advisors of the project are people holding senior positions in companies such as IBM, Google, FORD, UPS, Cisco, SAP. The team also has advisors from NASA and FAA. I would like to note that each advisor helps in the development of technology in its profile .

Eventually : I have high hopes for this project, because you can see how the team works. At the moment, there is already a working product Mission App, with which you can deliver a small parcel around the city, also created several working products, such as a Autonomous Boat. Plus, the development of several programs to track drones on the road and a map of charging stations for drones is coming to an end.

That's all, thank you for your time! Leave your comments and suggestions to this article, I will be glad to hear the criticism!

Official Site : [https://dav.network](https://dav.network)

Whitepaper : [https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf](https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf)

Twitter (4.3 K Followers) : [https://twitter.com/DavNetwork](https://twitter.com/DavNetwork)

YouTube : [https://www.youtube.com/c/DAVNetwork](https://www.youtube.com/c/DAVNetwork)

Reddit : [https://www.reddit.com/r/DAVNetwork/](https://www.reddit.com/r/DAVNetwork/)

Linkedin : [https://www.linkedin.com/company/dav-foundation/](https://www.linkedin.com/company/dav-foundation/)

Telegram ( 55.3 K Followers) : [https://t.me/DAVNetwork](https://t.me/DAVNetwork)

GitHub : [https://github.com/DAVFoundation](https://github.com/DAVFoundation)

ICO Drops : [https://icodrops.com/dav-network/](https://icodrops.com/dav-network/)

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