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ZPER - decentralized ecosystem for P2P Finance

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To the system of crediting existing now, there are many questions and claims. Until recently, banks were the single sources for receiving to the credits. However, development of systems of mutual P2P of crediting will become gradually customary supplant financial institutions out of this market.
P2P lendings can be called the fair lending or equitable investment because of a process lending without involving traditional financial intermediaries (banks or other financial institutions). It is the very convenient system for both sides which are in an advantageous position and a win.
To borrow means then when they are necessary it not easy, especially if you the subject of business activity or the owner of the small enterprise. To deal with the existing problems, the project under the name ZPER submits its the decentral, credit and investment platform to acting on peer-to-peer principles and to based on blockchain technology.
I want to note that the blockchain-projects in the field of credit have very high potential in the market, while in the future, could entirely replace the activities of banks and legal entities.
For example, ZPER creating an ecosystem that goes beyond the countries and currencies thereby will lead to the innovations in a global flow of means. Individuals or institutions currently participating in P2P finance can be a part of ZPER ecosystem easily through webs/applications or SDK or API connection.

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Now let's consider the aims which are pursued by ZPER.

  • The project aims to create a financial ecosystem which meets the following conditions:
  • Participation of global P2P finance companies that can be trusted;
  • Voluntary provision of creative data necessary for borrower evaluation by the data provider;
  • Provision to investors of sufficiently diversified global investment portfolios;
  • The investment that transcends the borders;
  • Irreversible management of all bonds and contracts;
  • Fair distribution of values shared by different participants.

Now we focus attention on how will be achieved the tasks of ZPER.

  1. Developing different investment products through global P2P finance alliance allows engaging in the ecosystem any financial P2P companies and the relevant service companies worldwide. Besides, the RoboAdvisor companies will be able to participate in the development of an ecosystem and to provide the safe, global and diversified investment portfolios for minimization of the potential investment risks caused by changes in the internal and external financial environment.
  2. Use the smart contract function promotes the creation of the transparent and reasonable investment environment. Therefore, the funds for investments and reimbursements will make automatically, and the obligations and rights of the parties to the contract will automatically change depending on the terms contract. Also, the provisions of contracts and any related event will in a transparent manner disclose to all shareholders.
  3. Conversion of all loans to tokens (PLBT, P2P Loan Based Token) secure investment flexibilities. Investment products will deliver to investors in the form of tokens, which will link to receivables that are the rights to the future cash flows generated from the loans concerned.
  4. The reasonable system of compensating much simplifies the use of data and increases their reliability. Both owners of the rights and authenticators will be able to receive compensation for the provision of data, thus expanding the scales and data volume necessary for innovative assessment of the credit in ZPER ecosystem. Each participant of an ecosystem, for example, ZPER, P2P or any other supplier of data can receive compensation.


In addition to all the above advantages, the platform will have additional functions.
ZPER wallet. The integrated wallet ZPER will use in an ecosystem for investments and credits. Besides, the purse will possess additional expanded functions, such as ZPERobo, ZPER Open Market, ZPER Service Use Cases.
- ZPER Zero (for students). ZPER seeks to involve in the ecosystem not only solvent users but also promising students or those hopefuls who have just started out their career but have no collateral or credit histories. The possibility of receiving P2P of the credits based on preliminary estimate will be presented to them (reputation of schools, grades of students, majors of students, evaluation by professors. peer evaluation and SNS activities).
- Loans or Small Businesses. Although the segments small business is considered among one of the leading pillars of the economy any country, they were often denied financial injecting that makes their further growth and development impossible because of the inefficiency of financing. The ZPER project intends to solve this problem using a wide range of data for assessment (sales patterns, change in commercial areas, the growth of the business, trend sensitivity, increase of regular customers, reputation among customers, frequencies on Instagram, reputation on blogs, reputation by TripAdvisor, Michelin stars).
- SCF (Supply Chain Finance). As global supply chains stretch across the globe with multinational buyers on one side and a diverse group of suppliers in numerous countries on the other, corporations are under pressure to unlock the working capital trapped in their supply chains. The role of P2P financing to represent a set of decisions which facilitating the cash flows of suppliers contributing to transforming the supply chain that extends from suppliers through to purchasers into virtuous circulation.

On the platform, you can very widely use ZPR Tokens.
ZPR is a method of exchange of values among participants of an ecosystem of ZPER. ZPR to used in almost all transactions, such as investing in P2P loans, trade costs for receivables, compensation to data providers and commission payments to the NPL buyer. ZPR provides fast and transparent transfer of funds to participants around the world without taking into account the actual currency of each country.

You have time to get your treasured of tokens.
Pre-Sale Starts: 17th March 2018, 05:00 UTC
Main-sale Starts: 16th April 2018, 05:00 UTC
Hardcap: 1,100,000,000 ZPR

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