The Looking-glass



The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin:

“It is an established fact that ninety percent of startups fail.And it should also be an established fact that ninety-percent of these ERC20s on CoinMarketCap are going to go to zero.There are some good ideas, there are a lot of very bad ideas, and there’s a lot of very, very bad ideas, and quite a few scams as well. I expect that tokens2.0 and the kinds of things that people will start building in 2018 and 2019 will generally be of substantially higher quality. Especially once we start seeing what the consequences of the first wave of tokens are in the medium-to-longer term … What is a good role for them and what is a role that doesn’t really make sense?I think part of this actually comes from the fact that these tokens don’t have sensible valuation models. Basically, if you try to economically model the idea of tokens being valuable as a medium of exchange, you start to realize that it’s a very multi-equilibrium game. Basically, tokens maintain their value if people want to hold them. In general, when you have a new industry and you have this early stage 1.0 period, lots of people try different things, and lots of people try lots of things that just make no sense whatsoever. After some time, the market does mature … I personally do think it is coming but there is going to be a process involved in getting there.” according to

In my reviews I’m looking for reasonable assessment models, criteria for the prospects and competitiveness of projects. I investigate and analyze. Join!

The Looking-glass

Hi, crypto-guys! With you cyber hamster and my stories. So, let's go!

Access code: black mirror.

Isa smiled at his reflection in the black screen of the monitor, the morning was delicious. An open breeze burst into the open window, which smelled the sea. He pressed the start button and heard the soft rustle of the cooler. A few seconds passed, the system boot, password entry, virtual reality glasses on the head, the process of user identification and he found himself in the Looking-glass. Well, it's time to get to work. The Looking-glasswas built on the basis of Usechain and represented the unification of a multitude of business structures working in a single environment, on a high-speed blockchain, with the latest consensus algorithms, increased security measures and confidentiality of data. Isa loved this place, it created an infinite perspective for him.

"Usechain Innovative Blockchain Solutions Introduce a brand-new consensus mechanism, Randomized Proof of Work to perfectly balance high performance and strong security, and apply multi-level authentication and encryption mechanism, Zero Proof, Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), Enhanced Smart Contract, and other innovative technologies to create a new generation of Blockchain, leading Blockchain 3.0."

More information about the architecture of the project you can get by reading about Whitepaper .

The unit in which he worked, was engaged in analytics and cloud computing, he entered the access code and printed the last screening.



Welcome to the Looking-glass!


With you was a cyber hamster and my personal subjective opinion about the Usechain project. Discover new horizons and conduct your own research. Good luck!

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In my reviews, I'm looking for reasonable assessment models, criteria for the prospects and competitiveness of projects. I investigate and analyze. Join!

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