Arcona - Our new world with augmented reality!

Hello! Recently, we increasingly meet the virtual reality in everyday life. It can be like computer games and communication between people and much more. Computer technologies are tightly integrated into our lives. We no longer see life without them, they are applied in all spheres and directions.

Augmented reality is one of the directions that has recently entered our life and has not been fully implemented. We see with you 3D TVs, virtual reality glasses, VR glasses for mobile phones and much more, but all this does not give us complete freedom and feelings of real augmented reality. Soon, the usual idea of virtual reality can dramatically change. With the advent of an entirely new technology Blockchain, can achieve very high results.

Most recently I came across an exciting project that decided to implement it. They are applying Blockchain technology in the realm of augmented reality. It makes a whole new world that unites the real world with the virtual world. We will be able to see augmented reality in any part of the globe, and I believe that there are very excellent prospects in this! And now let's look at the project in more detail:

Digital land with Arcona

The Arcona development team is creating one of the most exciting projects that are entering the world market of augmented reality. Thanks to the implementation of Blockchain technology, the project receives complete decentralization and data acquisition from anywhere in the world, which allows drawing a real landscape of our planet.

The first cities to be digitized shortly are already known: they are Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Paris, Beijing, London, New York and several other most interesting cities in the world!

Can you imagine how much our travels will be more interesting and exciting !? Arriving in one of the cities and going on an excursion, we will be able to see not only what is now in the real world. With the help of our smartphone and AR headset from Arcona, we will be able to see more colorful pictures and sights of the city that we visited. And also we can travel in time.

Imagine that you flew to Rome and visited the greatest Rome Coliseum, you can return to the 80th year of our era and see how the given Colosseum was built or know how the battles with the gladiators were conducted!

This is just one example, but you can imagine how many interesting things await us in the world?!

What can Arcona offer to its users?

The most interesting is that we can not only see the beauty of the sights of our world but also able to participate in the ecosystem of Arcona, you ask how?

Everyone can buy, sell or lease a piece of land for augmented reality. Many will be able to make money on this and realize their ideas, build their own digital business together with Arcona. Owners of such places will be able to create anything on their terrain, change the landscape around any building, or change their house and make of it an interesting project for visitors.

At the expense of advertisers, it will be possible to earn very well. They will place advertising materials on your territory and pay money in the form of digital currency. All transactions will be recorded in Blockchain. Therefore, all translations will be instant and safe.

Briefly go over the main aspects of the ICO

  • At the moment, the ICO is already going and will end on May 15, so I advise you to hurry.
  • Price - 1 token Arcona = 0.0025 ETH
  • Hardсap = 25 million dollars
  • Total issued coins - 135 million

At the moment, during the sale of tokens, 7100ETH have already been collected.


Before us is a project with an excellent idea and implementation, it seems to be sure that this kind of project will be a great success, as the sphere is very promising. Augmented reality is something that we will use everyday in the future in everyday life, and now we are at the source of the formation of new technologies. We are investing in the future, which will change very soon and change for the better!

Let's note the advantages of Arcona:

  1. Arcona is created on Blockchain and therefore has the best security in the world.
  2. Together with Arcona, users can earn money from anywhere in the world.
  3. We have new opportunities, which will be used by every person who owns the Internet and a smartphone.
  4. This platform will be in high demand, which gives us confidence in the growth of the price of tokens.

More about the project:

Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=212645
My Ethereum address: 0x577FA2553Af35908072Af7fc61270fd98022002b 

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