CryptoCarz - VR Game based on the Blockchain.

For ages, people have tended to collect rare or unique items: shells in the Stone Age; paintings, photos, works of art and money nowadays, because it’s human nature. Now, this passion is being digitized, and digital collections  become a new kind of property.

It is obvious that many works of art will soon be digitized and integrated into virtuality: from a unique digital work of art to large assets, such as movies and images. Blockchain Studios tend to fulfil this task. And the gaming industry is one of the first industries where this transition will take place.

Collecting beyond trading helps users to develop and play with their purchases.

The game industry is growing rapidly.Virtual reality integration is coming up. Today, startups offer innovative solutions: for example, users can integrate their crypto-assets into the game using Ethereum wallet. Thus, users can possess, customise their assets and maintain them like in the real world.

Many experts believe that this function will provide great opportunities for the digital world. So, the game industry has a great potential.


CryptoCarz is the first gaming platform with blockchain, VR and innovative gaming technologies. It gives gamers new opportunities such as visualization and racing on their own cars. Let’s meet a new era in the game industry! Digital game assets will be based on the blockchain technology.

CryptoCarz is a product of Blockchain Studios. The idea of the project laid on collecting digital assets owned as comic books or works of art in the real world. Digital collectibles is a new way of using the blockchain. Blockchain Studios has created (NFS) tokens to purchase the digital assets – soon all real assets will be digitized and stored in coded data. 

In the game industry, the blockchain will be used to implement assets in the game dynamics. The emission will be held under control of the game developer.

The digitalization reform is integrated in the basic blockchain technology giving the platform a new format.

Thus using NFT token, every gamer will be able to generate and use digital assets.

CryptoCarz is a decentralized application (DAPP) with Decentralized Gaming Platforms, based on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts.

Beside purchasing game cars, the Ethereum smart contracts would give a high-quality UX by providing a wide range of functions.

Blockchain Studios have a great passion for cars, games and cryptocurrencies, so  CryptoCarz has been created naturally. Blockchain Studios see the huge potential of cryptocurrency and game communities.

CryptoCarz is an immersive multiplayer platform. The player will participate in a race where he can show his driving skills. Every player will have a gamer wallet on Ethereum. The car will be uploaded into the game via MetaMask and other apps.

The game has 20 car models representing top cryptocurrencies. Each  of them is encoded into a smart contract. Other cars production is impossible.

The actual cryptocurrency characteristics (for example, volatility) are integrated into the game dynamics. Cars will be purchased via official CryptoCarz website under the smart-contract. After the project development, a special CryptoCarz market will allow users to trade their cars in the real market freely.

Tokens and ICO

The exact date of the ICO is still undefined. The game will use NFT tokens to buy items for players. The tokens will be based on Ethereum.

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You can find detailed information on the following links:
Official website
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Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL 

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