Digital land of Arcona. The future with augmented reality!

In the modern world, there are a lot of directions and industries. You can already find it online. Virtual games have laid the foundation for life on the other side of the screen and continue to attract a large number of Internet users. In addition to them appeared the digital currency, then the cryptocurrency. With the help of the Internet and a laptop, you can now work, communicate, study, play, watch movies, read or watch live webcasts from all the world's cameras without leaving home. 

Now, by the blockchain system, the system of additional reality Arconawas created, in which the real and virtual worlds were united. The digital land is created with the help of a layer of additional reality, which is realized on a global scale. A holistic information space has an ideal connection with the world of reality. This technology enables users to interact with the surrounding space in different parts of the world.

A new level of augmented reality

The creation of Digital Land was done using geospatial data, due to this the system received a real landscape of our planet. 12% of the land, which is developed by humanity in its natural limits, serves as the basis of the Arcona economy, and also acts as a commodity. The platform maintains a registry that includes infrastructure and digital assets.

The first cities to be digitized: St. Petersburg, London, New York, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Rome, Istanbul, Mexico City, Barcelona.

The development team creates a unique project that is launched in the international market of augmented reality. Tourists and all comers can not only travel but also see the sights of all centuries, the already destroyed buildings, and architectural values. Using a smartphone along with an AR headset will allow you to return a few centuries and see the terrain with your own eyes.

How will Arcona be useful?

Each user can earn, as well as realize their potential with the help of Digital Land. Arcona provides an opportunity to buy, sell, rent out land plots. Advertisers will pay placement of advertising projects on your territory. The created innovative platform also contains development tools and an application designer. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which ensures the safety of the translations.

Owners of virtual places will have the opportunity to realize their creativity, change the landscape around the house or create an interesting project. Business owners acquiring a plot of land of Digital Land will receive an additional source of income.

Advantages of Arcona

  • Each user will be able to implement any projects without leaving home. The remote launch of the platform allows you to equip the territory that is on the other end of the Digital Land
  • The Arcona system makes it possible to obtain income regardless of location
  • The development team took care to ensure a high level of security
  • Arcona creates new opportunities for many users of the global network

ICO details

  • The beginning of ICO - April 15, 2018
  • Completion of ICO - May 15, 2018
  • The minimum purchase is 10 Arcona token
  • The cost of 1 Arcona token is 0,0025 ETH
  • The Hard-Cap is $25 million

Arcona tokens can be bought or received as a reward by performing various actions established within the system.

Platform users can take an active part in the development of Digital Land. Arcona provides an opportunity to realize creativity and profit in a modern, unique system. A professional development team has made significant efforts to launch the project and will continue to work on its improvement. I think the project will interest many users and will open new opportunities for the augmented reality world.

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You can find detailed information on the following links:
Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
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