Bitcoin Origin

The organization Bitcoin Origin hopes to create a monetary version that combines all of the eminent points of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DASH, to incorporate them into a multi-sequence blockchain.

The project's ambition is to create an alternative electronic currency that is capable of handling problems in the present, including energy consumption, concentration and minimize profits when using PoW. That's why Bitcoin Origin was born.
Founder Greg and JP combined the potential between the development team, the design team, and the product management. The so last year 2017, the report on Bitcoin Origin was released.

Proof of Concept by Bitcoin Origin consists of 2 basic parts – the consensus Proof-of-Ambassador's unique multi-series features.

Plan for the future
Bitcoin Origin is expected to release a prospectus in a few weeks.

The prospectus of Bitcoin Origin is designed based on earlier reports released, in order to assert the potential for development of the community.
Bitcoin Origin begins with community building programs, establishing customer support groups, collaborating with audit firms, campaign bonuses and complete infrastructure needed to operate blockchain multi string.

Slated for the end of June, the Bitcoin Origin platform will complete the release of token ERC20 on multiple trading platforms. Token ERC20 will allow members of the community to utilize the prestige of Bitcoin Origin until the launching of the multi-string blockchain.
TROHG then Testnet will be released in January 7-8-9, finally, the mainnet will appear in the 4/2018 quarter.
In September, the Bitcoin Origin platform will release the software full node and as well as 3 types of wallet – for full, e.g. Lite and mobile wallet.

The platform will also focus on developing a few different crypto projects.

From October until the end of the year, Bitcoin Origin will release the mainnet with a wide variety of improved scalability capabilities. The organization will begin to evaluate the non-profit projects and begin to build their community education platform.

With all the interesting points out, we are honored to invite you to join the country Bitcoin Origin.
Jan-Jun 2017
The problem of resource use "dirty ", centralized resources, and reduced profitability in the mining industry PoW-idea Origins born. Bitcoin

Jul-Sep 2017
Collect Team Bitcoin-Developers, designers, General Manager, public relations Staff, support staff, and Call Center, agents.

October-December 2017
Position Paper Completed

Jan-Mar 2018
Proof of concept for the infrastructure of the POA
Proof of concept application for Multichain
The website is finished

Apr-Jun 2018
A whitepaper finished
The partnership is guaranteed for the full internal Audit
Community Building
Setting Team Sponsor Customers
The infrastructure is completed and upgraded for the launch of the Bitcoin Origin
Take The Campaign Bounty
Get ready for the launch of ERC20 onto some token Exchange
Multiple full code Audit on Bitcoin Origin finish (independent and in-house)

Jul-Sep 2018
The Launch Of The Testnet
Full node
Wallet full
Wallet Lite
Mobile Wallet
Claims Tools
Bitcoin Origin Fund started working on Crypto Based Projects

October-December 2018
Mainnet Launch
Conference Bitcoin Origin
Increased scalability
Bitcoin Origin nonprofit started a project
The Education Fund Bitcoin Origin started working in education platform

Jan-Mar 2019
Community Development-Funding platform integrating communities to step up and fund the Protocol enhancement
ICO Funding Community Platform


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