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Have you ever needed additional money?
Most often, people who need money for certain purposes, have to take loans in financial institutions.
At what such an easy question as how to take money under your responsibility, turns into a huge red tape with documents, certificates, search of guarantors, presence of infinite "reefs" in contracts and many other things.
Fortunately, today the market launches a new IT-startup Distributed Credit Chain (DCC), which created a platform to remove the monopoly of lending from the market and use blocking technology for this.

How it works?
The DCC platform is a decentralized unified credit market, where transactions are determined by supply and demand.
Credit organizations and individuals will interact on the platform.
The chain will store all payment documents. Such transparency will save all parties to agreements from fraud in any form.
The platform will create its purse and will function using the DCC token, which acts as a universal means of payment.
Credit organizations will be able to pass international certification and pay all transactions with tokens. A small commission is charged for the application.
Similarly, when an individual wants to take out a loan, he applies and pays tokens for filing a small application.
The amounts can be different, the larger the amount the faster your application will be processed.
At the same time, customers who honor their financial obligations can receive bonuses to platform tokens!

The main advantages of DCC in the face:

  1. The availability of technology block.
  2. The whole story is in constant access.
  3. You do not need to undergo verification every time, just go through it once.
  4. A huge number of credit institutions with different conditions and a large number of competition.
  5. There is no prejudiced attitude, everything is clear and on the case.
    This company has already completed the preliminary sale of tokens, collecting $ 49 million!
    The DCC token is already listed on the stock exchange!
    If you did not manage to take part in ICO, you can buy DCC tokens directly from the exchange, since the trade is already on!



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