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If you are on my page and see this review, then you, just as I am interested in the world of crypto currency, earnings on the bounty. Today I will tell you about another powerful project called. I'll try to present you this platform is available, and explain everything as clearly as possible.

Distributed Credit Chain is a project for blocking technology, this platform aims to achieve stable financial stability, to monitor credit reporting, manage transactions with assets and debts. Consumer loans in the past, the project aims to swap the traditional banks for financial services back. DCC users will be able to own all their data, which immediately hits the monopoly in large banks. The idea of the project began its journey in 2017. Developers DSS set out to change the credit structure completely. The new platform will be profitable and convenient for the clients of the financial industry. Now the project supports about 40,000 people. The investment has gathered, the next stage will be the implementation of large-scale events.

There are the following problems with loans:
Debtors do not pay their debts, thereby increasing the rates for consumer loans for the entire population, everything is displayed in the minuses for the payment of loans in each bank.
For each client a similar loan portfolio is drawn up, that is, data on previous loans, whether they are paid out successfully or not. Also, data on the work, the composition of the family, etc. They make up a loan portfolio, so-called brokers - people holding the position of a loan officer. But all questions are of the same type and the information becomes non-confidential.
Ineffectiveness of studying the history of clients. The inability of banks to accurately know the true credit history, so it spends a lot of money. The platform also proposes to create a centralized database, where all the information about a person will be collected, this will at times free up unnecessary filling of documents.
Developers want to achieve:
The DCC platform aims to return revenues to users and strive to overcome the monopolies of economic institutions.
Achieve a decentralized desire for a system of debt. In order to increase business efficiency, the management structure will change.
State regulation. The data will be put in a chain, after which, they will not be able to change. Credit institutions will be able to react faster to risks and fraud.

Judging by the road map, for 4 years the project is planning a full-scale distribution of the project around the world.
In 2017, the team allocated a separate block in the blockbuster Ethereum, at which time the first loan product will appear.
In 2018, a global tokenization will be conducted, with mature algorithms and the development of the DSS system.
In 2019 - work with clients from South-East Asia is planned.
2020 the platform will start and will be able to work on the full on the block system. The ecosystem will become accessible to credit institutions and financial institutions around the world.

From all of the above, we can conclude:
Monopoly of banks will collapse, the necessary data on each client will automatically become available for a small price. Interest rates will be beneficial for all citizens. The system of risks will be constructed in such a way that it will be impossible to hide the damaged credit history.
The DCC project is large-scale and promising.



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