In finance, financial professionals are the ideal managers of financial securities, money, investments and other financial instruments. But on the other side of publishing financial content, there are professional such as writers, researchers and reporters who are tasked with creating content that provides information about and analyses financial markets, the economy and all things money-related.

In todays world, Finance plays a very important role to every countries economy, because in finance, professionals that has to do with financial securities, takes care of managing investments, money and other financial instruments. While, the content creation aspect has to do with writers/content creators and researchers who are tasked with the task of creating contents that provides financial information about the financial market. They often go as far as task them to analyse the financial market, the economy and money related issues.


We have many type of content creators but for the purpose of this article, we are going to be learning more about a financial content provider, what they do and who they are. Just as the name implies, a financial content creator is one who creates educational content ranging from various financial topics, articles, comprehensive textbooks and learning guides for digital or print publications. They take their time to thoroughly research on business/financial news before providing their personal opinion on such topics.

With the increase in poor content delivery to the financial community and the ever rising delay in distributing information to investors, traders and financial professionals, there has been a need to tackle the key issues causing these delays and challenges in the existing financial data and content systems.
I will be introducing a major player to the financial community and the world at large a permanent fix to challenges faced by the existing financial data and content system known as BITSCREENER.


BitScreener is a financial platform that uses blockchain technology to track stocks, integrates data of both stocks and cryptocurrency into a single platform, giving investors and avenue/opportunity to monitor their investment seamlessly across the platform. BitScreener using blockchain technology, will proffer a way for writers and researchers to contribute their newly produce content directly to the system and in turn receive rewards/gains for doing so.

The content in this case are not lacking transparency and no hidden motive to prevent consumers from reflecting their views about the provided content, this is only possible because the provided content are decentralized and the system is able to weave them together for the writers to create them easily and community members evaluates the said content before reward can be given.

BitScreener an innovative platform that utilises blockchain technology to reshape the financial content and data delivery industry by economically incentivising the platform through rewards. It is aimed at solving challenges resulting from;

Unfair distribution of profits by content providers and the financial community.
Tainted and biased information provided by financial content providers
Fragmented financial data system and community content system caused by the same content providers
Fragmented stock and crypto platform financial content providers as regards content delivery and financial data.

Is very important to note that the BitScreener platform has products on ground known as the Crypto Tracker. The Crypto Tracker is a BitScreener app that is currently been utilised across the globe. The Apps or products are mobile applications (for both the IOS operating system and the Android operating system) and PC web application that are very user-friendly and have amazing features and functionalities that will wow every user. Some of the amazing features includes;

The ability to find more than 5500 trading pairs of all cryptocurrency
Harvesting live data from 100+ exchanges
Unique screening tool with hundreds of filtering criteria
Real-time price and volume alert on mobile devices
Advanced charting with technical analysis
An example of the BitScreener application on the IOS operating system is shown below

The above image shows how the BitScreener app looks on an IPhone, currently the BitScreener app has new updates and they include;

Users adding the ICO coins (custom coins) to their portfolio to track their ICO investment
One tap to merge these ICO coins when they list on exchanges
A seamless way to enable alerts for any coin, this can be found on the Coin Detail page
Request to add a new coin to BitScreener by email.
Important bug fixes & performance improvements
Unlike other similar products that have zero use cases, slow project development and limited number of users with very low rating and reviews. I can say for a fact, that the BitScreener application is used by millions of users due to it unique and amazing features and has a lot of positive reviews by user/consumers. If you have not gotten the BitScreener App please do so now with the download link that has been provided at the bottom of the page, with that you can easily get the BitScreener app for both the IOS, Android and a web base platform for PCs.


The BITX is a utility token, with ERC-20 standards on the ethereum blockchain and can be held on an ethereum wallet service provider such as myetherwallet, metamask as well as imtoken or the eiddoo apps. BITX tokens can be used to unlock advanced features in the BitScreener platform that would usually be purchased with fiat money. In a nutshell it is used as the only payment method that is gotten after points are converted to token for all transactions in the BitScreener ecosystem.


Unlike the regular mining process where by transactions are validated and appended into blocks of chain and several works are done to get reward from the blockchain competition (solving the cryptographic puzzles) known as Proof Of Work. In BitScreener the mining process involves content creators sharing their knowledge to make or create content on the BitScreener ecosystem thereby improving the ecosystem. The process of them creating and sharing their knowledge, articles and upvoting in the BitScreener ecosytem is known as mining and tagged Proof of Knowledge.


The BitScreener has a total supply of 450, 000, 000 million BITX, and It is base on the ethereum blockchain has mentioned earlier, which will be distributed as times goes to different parties. These parties include; the future ‘’miners” known as the content contributors will receive 20% of the total token supply and the team/developers will receive 15% of the token supply, while 30% of the token supply will be used for future operations and the project advisors as well as marketing budget will take 4%. 31% of the tokens will be reserved for crowdsale and any Unsold tokens will be burned.

ICO Details

For the purpose of bringing investors on board the BitScreener project, there will be an initial coin offering (ICO). It is very important to note that, KYC is required for all participants during the token sale. The accepted cryptocurrency for the token sale is Ethereum (ETH) and the minimum contribution by investors during ICO is 0.2 ETH. The softcap for the ICO is capped at 1,000 ETH while the hardcap for the ICO is capped at 15,000 ETH. Not all country is allowed to participate in the ICO, restricted countries include; China, Singapore, the united states.

The roadmap fornthe BitScreener project is shown in the image below


The BitScreener team comprises of professionals and experts in the fields of software engineering, cryptography and cyber security, Blockchain experts and the MBA, who are dedicated to achieving success and the ultimate goal of the BitScreener project. They are shown in the image below;

Bitcointalk ANN:

BTT Username: Sancho777
BTT URL:;u=1881604

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