BitSong - decentralized platform of streaming music

This project is dedicated to musicians and trying to solve a serious problem for beginner talents. Through BitSong, musicians will be able to create their own songs, and listeners will enjoy and hear new content from any device they own.

In addition, musicians can also receive donations from fans who can contribute to their next album. The advertisement will be uploaded by the advertiser and each time the advertisement is listened to, the artist and the listener will receive 90% of the advertiser's profit.

BitSong provides the user with the ability to use the platform in several ways, from free streaming to donation requests, payments and insertion of advertising sponsors.

The project aims to overcome bureaucratic and economic obstacles in the industry and reward artists and users for simply using the platform. The Bit Song platform is unique in both the details and the additional services it offers.

It differs from other music streaming platforms by helping Fund music and video artists and giving tokens to its users, from music/video enthusiasts to those engaged in commercial activities.



BitSong will become a new reference point for the music market and will be fully developed using the technologies available in the blockchain. The use of blockchain allows BitSong to be decentralized and be more communal compared to competitors (currently watching music videos on YouTube, listening and streaming via Spotify, marketing on iTunes or Beatport and advertising on social networks). Bit Song aims to solve this problem once and for all.


It is already planned to create an official web Radio / TV, which will broadcast the best tracks on the platform, there will also be music competitions in which the artist will promote his music (only users with btsg tokens can Express their preferences) . In addition to the official web Radio / TV, there will also be an opportunity to open a streaming channel where anyone can broadcast their events, or perform live via the platform.


Today, music ratings are easily influenced or modified by external sponsorship. Bit Song will be offers to store all of the user response (e.g., threads, comments, etc.) to the blockchain, thereby creating a first check and, above all, a real classification of music to rank.


The BitSong token (symbol: BTSG) will be used as the currency on the platform and will therefore be used for sponsorship, donations, purchases and votes.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, the community will be able to receive payments safely and quickly, thus eliminating the annoying problems and slowness of Fiat currencies.


BitSong is a long-term project, all calculations were made in order to guarantee “uninterrupted” production flow, (all this regardless of various market fluctuations).

The token will be important for:


-Making donations

-Song shopping


-Buy tickets


Here is an explanation from me and to avoid all forms of fraud, please look for the correct information and reliably or visit the following link:

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