Welcome my dear subscribers. Today is the weekend, which means that I have prepared for you reviews of promising projects.In the world more and more people spend time in the Internet world, constantly increasing various opportunities, such as the sale of their products anywhere in the world, now you do not need to go for the necessary goods anywhere, everything is on the Internet sites. Such a project is BitStash, which allows the user to earn without leaving home. With such a platform is simple, and most importantly it is safe to make all kinds of toys. You just need to go to the store, choose your favorite product and buy STASH tokens. Special options are developed with which it is possible to sort the goods of interest by price, brand, etc.There are also specially marked sellers who have been tested for reliability and authenticity by the team of platform administrators, they can be trusted. Each transaction is placed in the Secure Escrow System until the order is completed.

Ads and advertising often play the role of an irritant, rather than help in finding your potential buyer. But on this platform, the latest model of advertising, in which it is unobtrusive and effective. Advertisers can buy the so-called" advertising space " using the STASH token.

Industries of products sold on the BitStash platform:

BitStash can currently process payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. But in the near future the team will work on the development of the internal currency of the STASH token.

Token name: * * STASH
Total amount: 36 000 000 000 STASH
Protocol: ERC20
The cost of a token: 1 ETH = 600 000 STASH**

Project road map BitStash:

July 2017: the creation of the project BitStash;
December 2017: development of the platform
January 2018: integration of supplier programs
February 2018: integration of partner programs
May 2018: ICO preparation
May 2018: ALPHA launch
June 2018: search for alliances and suppliers
June 2018: pre - launch ICO
July 2018: start of sales
August 2018: launch the Android and iOS app
September 2018: start list token Exchange STASH
September 2018: start of internal exchange
September 2018: start of implementation of the new STASH token
October 2018: participation in Bounty Airdrop
October 2018: start-up of the base company
November 2018: increase in the number of tokens
December 2018: collection of statistics, launch of the route map 2019.
Distinguishing features from other projects:

All BitStash employees work for the benefit of The company and are always ready to help in any business. They are always in touch and do not miss the opportunity to improve their project.
All prototypes created by the BitStash development team are public, and you can get acquainted with This system right now.
BitStash participate in various forums related cryptodira, sign serious contracts.
After reading this blog, you may still have questions. All the information you need about this project can be found in the official sources of BitStash:

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