Bittech ICO- Investors’ sure way for guaranteed Returns

Project Overview

Wow, this is a bomb to traditional mining industry, dear investors I bet you, you’ve not had it this way before. If you are out to get maximum returns for your investments, then hit our ICO link. We’ve got an awesome project with great concept in mining business.

Before going into the project proper, let’s show you what mining is all about.- Mining is activities aimed toward maintaining a distributed platform and making new blocks with the chance of getting rewarded of new units and commission fees in numerous cryptocurrencies, above all, bitcoins. The computations are needed to guard against disbursement identical units, and also the rewards encourage folks to pay their computing power and support the network operation

BITTECH project is an open decentralized full-cycle system for the development, introduction, production and management of innovative mining instrumentality engineered on the Bt0** chip with distinctive energy efficiency and performance. As such, the BITTECH project makes mining accessible for the worldwide population, supporting the core values of blockchain: decentralization, transparency and security.

For sure, we are not unaware that Investors in cryptocommunity have got wide knowledge of various ICOs. Some must have in several occasions ran into worthless and scam project this is why BITTECH Project ICO is different. Our project has been structured in a way that it is a must-accepted in the Mining industry. This is because, Aside from creating modern miners, the management took the existing trends and problems of the cryptocommunity and miners in particular into account. This is how the thought emerged, which later developed into a separate activity of building many cryptocurrency data centers whose production capacity will be used to host branded miners and and even be chartered to customers for the installation of purchased Bittech miners. This service was named the Service Contract. By using the Service Contract, customers won't have to be compelled to worry concerning checking out the simplest infrastructure, services, transportation, and in fact any legal problems concerning cryptominer hosting.

To make this project objective a dream come-through, the team has tasked themselves in the following order of priority;

· The development and implementation of a replacement generation of BITTECH series miners based on BT ASIC chips for basic hashing algorithms;

· The reduction of miner costs for buyers;

· The introduction of services for the miner sales, , which permit the beginning of mining in an exceedingly short time;

The creation of a distributed mining network by building data centers

In accomplishing these tasks, for Bittech as the name implies, will be employing super-technologies and equipment in the project. Also, Bittech is going to build 4 data centers in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia. The company began to make a data center in the Irkutsk region, Russia, with a complete capacity of 21MW for 9000 ASICs in the third quarter of 2018.

Bittech Token

Our financial investors will have the capacity to purchase a BTECH token amid the ICO that gives the privilege to buy the most current and gainful miner of BITTECH series based on 10-14nm chips, and additionally to purchase a service contract under helpful terms to have the miner in the Bittech Data Center.

BITTECH (BTECH) token is a digital asset that grants its holder a privilege to buy a new generation of BITTECH miners built on modern 10-14nm chips.

What Makes BITTECH Project Special

The benefit of this task is that BITTECH is the best in its class,. Notwithstanding conveying in a data center for service contracts, clients can associate with a dedicated line through a devoted IP.

ICO Details

Currently, our company is seeking to raise funds through the ICO for the development of new products in the cryptocurrency miner range, as well as to construct three more data centers in Canada, Iceland and Estonia.

The target of the BTECH issue is to raise funds in the Project equal to USD 100,000,000.

Only 100,000,000 BTECH will be issued (1 token = $1). Token buyback is possible through exchanging them for miners/services.


The BTECH token value will be 1 USD during pre-ICO, without taking the bonus system into account: At the same time, the investor's entry threshold cannot be less than USD 100. Payment is accepted in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum at this stage. Soft-cap - $1,500,000 Hard-cap - $5,000,000


ICO period is from August 20, 2018 to October 20, 2018.

Price of the BTECH token will be 1 USD for the entire ICO.

Entry threshold is 1 token. Payment is accepted in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum at this stage.

New tokens are not generated after the ICO, and unsold tokens are burned. HARD-CAP $100,000,000

Token Allocation & Distribution

Tokens that have not been sold or distributed during the ICO will be destroyed. Additional issue of tokens is not provided for in the smart contract.

Project RoadMap

The Great Team

Bittech Platform is initiated and backed with professionals with unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team has full understanding of the Objective and the Roadmap of the project and believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, and will dedicate significant efforts to make them effective in Crypto-mining. So with them on the BITTECH project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

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