Welcome my dear friends.Today is a day off, which means I have prepared a lot of interesting projects for you.Bizavest is a platform where startups, small and even large enterprises can achieve effective capacity to implement data at relatively affordable prices. The platform will function as a social media network and will provide personalized information based on what the user needs to know. This will save companies and individual users from having to search for useful information from large data stores that can be found on the Internet.

The platform is an AI-based data analysis platform and its goal is to create business intelligence that is accessible, efficient, secure and smart. The system is controlled by artificial intelligence combined with natural human skill and experience. The platform will provide a sustainable and efficient balance between man and machine, and they will work together to get reliable data that is valuable, efficient and accessible.

How does Bizavest Blockchain AI data mosaic work?
To use the platform, users will register on the Bizavest platform and request service from the menu. After describing the service they want, the platform will provide the service and users will be able to pay for it with Bizacoin once their needs are met.

If you need a service from the platform, your funds will be kept in escrow until you are satisfied with the service provided. As a customer, you will need to approve the result for the funds to be released to the system. If the data is not satisfactory, you can remake or even run it. The AI or Dacomian system and expert advisors confirm the quality of the data on the platform.

Users Bizavest generate the stored information. Thus, the cost of getting what you need is reduced. In addition, customers who use Bizavest save their money because they don't need to find the means to conduct surveys or surveys to collect consumer data. In addition, users who enter their data receive a Bizacoin reward. In addition, you can get other rewards when you perform certain tasks.
Road Map

The advantages of the platform Bizavest Analytics:

Competitive advantage
Among the many data collection and business intelligence platforms, Bizavest offers a competitive advantage with the following features:

The Advantage Of Blockchain
The integration of blockchain technology provides a high-level check and safety

Cognitive Analytics
The Analytics platform is based on intelligence that learns

Revolutionary intelligence service
The framework uses the interaction between AI and human to ensure the destructive business intelligence

Platform capabilities Bizavest Analytics:

The platform will come up with a system that is controlled by AI-Human, which will generate information and analysis. Human resources experts will provide advice.

Survstream Application
This Dapp will collect data from members of the Bizavest community. An application can collect various types of data, including both unstructured and structured data.

In this unique blockchain, all processes will work on a data protection system. The chain will be built on the efficiency of data manipulation.

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Bizavest Analytics BENC Token ICO platform.
Bizc current is a token to be used on the Bizavest platform. The token is based on the Ethereum platform. The total supply of tokens will be 100 000 000 tokens. 45% of these tokens will be available to the public at the time of the ICO token sale you can join your "white list" on your website to receive the sale notification.

Detailed information:

Web site:
Technical document:


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