Blinked is the first social media platform to provide 90 percent of advertising revenue to users through the Blinked decentralized social media model. With innovations and unique offers for users, Blinked uses new technology and can make it easier for users to operate. Blinked is a professional social media platform that is made with innovations in blockchain technology by integrating Blinked crypto features (BLKD) that allow users to get paid for their recommendations and to experience digital advertising.

The function of Blinked is to improve the way users find what they recommend by choosing who to follow. although this method is the same as the concept of other social media, users will be paid for their recommendations and content on Blinked. The most interesting thing, which makes Blinked different from the commonly used social media. In addition, Blinked is a Social Media Platform for Recommendations Where Users Share in Up to 90 Percent of Advertising Revenue. On Blinked, users will get paid to see digital ads in various ways. The interesting thing here is that 90 percent of all advertising revenue on blinked will be allocated to users for their activities on the platform. those fantastic offers that you might not even find on other similar platforms. and many more offers that Blinked had.

In an effort to improve technology and more professional services and encourage participation in the Blinked ecosystem, Blinked launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which you can follow. This is certainly an opportunity for investors. or, you can join the bounty campaign held by Blinked. this of course you will get rewards in return for participating in a bounty campaign.

About Token

The Blinked (BLKD) token shall be used to:

serve as the entry token for users that will fund the Blinked platform.
serve as the staking token for users worldwide to claim an administrative role in their territory.
serve as the buy-in token with which advertisers will engage users.
convert to the Blinked reward chip, Blinked Gold (BGZD) for the purpose of compensating users for their engagement on the Blinked platform.
serve as the exchangeable ambassador token that will allow for the stabilization of the Blinked reward chip, Blinked Gold (BGZD).







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