Blinked platform

What is Blink?
Blinked is a social media referral platform run by a group of qualified individuals that grants users up to 90 percent of advertising revenue. Members earn 90 percent of their revenue by being an active referrer. Your earning money will depend on how dedicated you are, and members simply share their favorite things, places, services, and anything else that fascinates them. For rewards, members trade their winnings in the flashing archery. In return, the members leave with blinked (BLKD) tokens.
Blinked Blockchain recommendation rewards networking benefits
Join a growing community of over 13,000 subscribers. The platform takes KYC very seriously. Those interested in purchasing the BLKD Token should submit the requested information for the extended review process, which can take up to 48 hours. In order to maintain your privacy, the Platform entrusts the submitted information and does not disclose it to third parties.
The platform needs the following information from members who are interested in a BLKD token:
Your first and last name
E-mail address Country of
origin, which should appear in your Photo ID
Wallet address to which your BLKD tokens will be sent
Send a valid photo ID to All documents will be destroyed within 14 days of approval.
To ensure additional security, please send a photo of you with your ID to the same link used to submit your Photo ID.
Add a telegram address, a Facebook profile, a Twitter profile, another social media profile, a typical buy area and a preferred payment method.
Blinked Timeline
Blink launched on 30 May 2018 a fully indebted private presale of 100 million BLKD. On July 8, 2018, advertising for pre-sales began. This shows an early presale of 50,000,000 BLKD.
The Blink Roadshow is scheduled for 4 September 2018 with a pre-sale of BLK 150,000,000. Shortly thereafter Blink will make a general sale. Blink will release Blinked DAPP + SITE by the end of 2018, with BLKD token integration completed. April 2018 will be Blink Holiday Power Marketing, which will be the beginning of the decentralized advertising sales administration.
Flashing BLKD token sale
A member offers both first and last name, email address, country of origin, token purchase quantity (any purchase below the average daily purchase amount will be declined.) Minimum purchase is 15,000 tokens. Do not enter to commas or symbols), wallet address and then send the payment.
Blinked token flow
Tokens can either move to or from the Blinked CO. As they move from flashing CO, they go to an advertising token on-ramp and then to the token exchanger when combined with tokens of user token on-ramp.
You can then switch back to token exchange and along with the user token on-ramp, and then switch to the user through sponsored activities such as AD calls, referrals, administrations, and P2P TIPS. These tokens from the user token on-ramp are moved by the token exchanger into the user's wallet. Once the tokens have left the user, they can either go to the thousands wallet or be rewarded with flashing CO.







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