Although the electronic money market continues to fall sharply against its potential in the future, capitalization is now a grain of sand. So, utilizing that moment, many social media were born to prepare for the upcoming market share war. Among them is Blinked.

Introduction to blinked
Blinked is one of the most sophisticated and powerful e-currency platforms designed in a very easy to use way to enable people from all regions and backgrounds to get ideas about Blockchain and money space. electronic.

Blinked is a new social media platform that conducts social media advertising combining the latest technological developments and popular blockchain systems that have proven themselves to be reliable security providers. . Electronic money really revolutionized the international market as soon as it entered, immediately attracted many people, most of them wanted to feel the benefits in practice. That is why electronic money-based projects today are one of the most popular and promising development projects, as well as investing in digital money.

In general, Blinked gives users convenient transactional opportunities in the media, as well as 90% electronic advertising and platforms for users. Their potential and lease by paying to work with popular electronic money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and system tokens themselves. Centralized networks have long been a thing of the past because of the fact that they are uncomfortable to use, do not provide sustainable access to information from different devices, and are completely insecure. Information security and confidentiality.

The platform plans to keep to itself only 10% of revenue on advertising, and the rest is distributed among users who create content. This makes this platform honest and really motivates everyone to create quality content. Blockchain, in turn, will help advertisers track market trends, reach the audience and other wonderful things that they used to pay for earlier. Here, among other things, the blockage will be the guarantor of the accuracy of the information, and you, as an advertiser, will be sure that these data are true

And one more advantage of the platform can be considered fighting with bots. Faking likes and commentaries will be strictly prohibited, and with real suspicions of fraud, such accounts will be blocked, so as not to interfere with honest people to work. Thanks to this social network, you can write a review on everything from lingerie to computer games, and for this all you will receive a reward!

The platform will have two tokens, namely

The first token will be used for financial transactions, such as trading on the stock exchange, etc.

A second token will be needed in order to pay for various services within the platform and receive a reward for the work done. Inside the platform, there will be a free exchange of one currency for another, which is very good

Distribution of the Token
5% is the project reserve;
25% ICO – Pre-Sale;
5% Sale;
10% Private Pre-Sale (already sold);
10% team leaves themselves;
5% can be purchased at the current stage of the ICO – Early Pre-Sale








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