Social networks today are quite different. No, there are networks of broad specialization, like Facebook or Twitter, but there are also those that close other niches. Today we will talk about one of such networks, which offers one user to share his reviews about products, services, visual and other products for a fee. And yes, of course, there is also a technology for blockchain, which means that these reviews will be transparent, with a tracked rating and simply have to be useful, because otherwise their author will not be able to claim a reward. Vote for the reviews will also be network users, and therefore, only they decide what content is useful to them, and what needs to be improved. The network received a simple name that is easy to remember – Blinked. And if you explain how it works on your fingers, then everything is simple. You have purchased a product and want to talk about the experience of interacting with it. Create a post and the more he collects feedback from other users of the network – the higher will be your final reward

Problem and solution
Social networks today virtually all the monetization of user content are left to themselves. Despite the fact that we see advertised advertising on the Facebook alongside our posts, we do not get a penny from it. Even social networks with reviews (for example, Yelp, where users share their experience about interacting with hotels), and such content, it would seem, is easy to monetize, it does not. Yes, some users have learned to monetize their content and with such rules of the game, but this requires a large audience already in the operation. Blinked solves this problem, allowing you to earn any user, regardless of experience, the size of the audience, the desire to write on a particular topic. We watched an interesting film, listened to a good song – share in Blinked! If someone likes it – he will appreciate it and you will get your Blinked Gold (BGZD)
For example, the same Facebook (and we do not stop contacting it today) earned 40.7 billion dollars for advertising previews in video for 2017. How many users have received this? I think you yourself can give an answer to this question. Blinked will channel up to 90% of revenue generated from advertisers directly to the users who create popular content. This is a simple and transparent system and it is also possible thanks to the technology of the blockchain! blockchain in this case is useful for advertisers who can with stunning accuracy track the audience of each user within the network. And you will not have to spend the money on collecting such analysts. All information is already registered inside the chain and it is impossible to forge it!
Another of the advantages of blockchain is the fight against “fakes”. The activity of any Blinked user can easily be tracked in the information chain. And, consequently, any cheating, fake accounts that create popularity of each other, the system will automatically delete. Blinked, as a social network of recommendations, allows users to share experiences in dozens of categories. There is nothing that you would not be able to describe in Blinked! Try, create, earn – it’s easy!

Token and ICO project
The main token of the Blinked project was called BLKD. It will be released on the platform of the etherium ERC 20, but later it is possible to switch to the EOS platform. Blinked will provide easy conversion inside the platform of the BLKD token into a token, which will be distributed as a reward to users (BGZD) and also in the opposite direction
1 billion BLKD tokens will be sold within the ICO, with 100 million already sold under the Private Pre-Sale and 50 million sold in the second stage – Early Pre-Sale. On September 4, the Pre-Sale stage starts, where various “tasty” bonuses for investors will also be offered
Now let’s look at the distribution of project tokens and collected funds from the ICO.
• 37.5% of all tokens are planned as a project reserve;
• 25% will be sold within the third stage of ICO – Pre-Sale
• 12.5% is planned for the main and last stage of sales – Sale
• 10% is already sold as part of Private Pre-Sale
• 10% will remain with the project team;
• 5% are sold at the current stage of the ICO – Early Pre-Sale

50% of the proceeds from the ICO will form the project reserve;
• 30% will go to various operating expenses
• 15% on marketing
• 5% is allocated for legal issues and licensing

Blinked stands out against its competitors by its uniqueness and narrow specialization. Most likely this will allow the platform to take its place in the current market, and therefore it is worth paying close attention to the ICO project. Blinked is an interpersonal, sociable cultural public network platform based on blockchain technology that includes Token Blkd, which can allow users to receive advice and use digital advertising. A system program that offers revenue from advertising with Blinked
The Conclusion
Blinked (BLKD) token is a specific program based on users and marketing promoters, while when working with this program user will receive a tangible reward for their work both in the administrative plan and in the advertising campaign of advertisers, because of this the marketer will be completely satisfied with the advertising of these products and users who advertise it. The Blinked program system – each consumer can place full information about himself and his life and use advertising for work or an advertising campaign for advertisers







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