📌📌Chinese artificial intelligence has learned to fake any voice in a few seconds.📌📌

🔴Baidu, sometimes called "Chinese Google," announced the launch of a neural network, which simulates a human voice better and faster than any analogue. She studies the original sound of the voice and "clones" it, adding the necessary shades and accents, if necessary.🔴
📡The commercial potential of such an innovative development is incredibly wide, and the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is fraud and falsification of data. Cloning individuals, movements and generating video "with the participation" of a particular person, de facto, is already available, and can even be streamed. It is enough to add voice guidance and get an optimized copy of the personality, for example, to circumvent biometric identification systems.📡
💡 Electronic assistant, who speaks the voice of a favorite character. Digital nanny, able to calm a child or pet with the voice of a senior member of the family. Possibility of habitual communication for a person who has lost the ability to speak, albeit temporarily. Recording audiobooks or voice-over of a text in a well-known voice without the need to bother its owner💡

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FAIMA is a company engaged in the development of a friendly medical assistant based on artificial intelligence.

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