It took so long before people could understand that the emergence of digital money is not a scamming scheme or another Ponzi scheme to extort money from them. The real idea behind it was the innovation of the first coin, Bitcoin, with the aim of making electronic money exchangeable between people such that the complexities involved in the use of a bank can be minimized and the use of paper currencies can become obsolete. For some selfish reasons however, the government has chosen to be against that notion, propably due to their selfish interest and how it would deprive them of many privileges they have been enjoying for so long. But, no matter how hard they keep trying to stop the advancement of cryptos, they will keep failing due to the fact that it is a strategy interlocked within the next frames of the internets and to totally eradicate it will mean the closure of the internet which is globally useful and dominant. With this restrictions and confinement in regulations, they cannot but watch what will become of the rivalry innovation which has kept blazing right from the start as far as 2008 when the first coin white paper was launched officially.

Ever since then, people have began to experience what it would be like to have the world dominated with this present day innovation and have been an active part of the program even to the extent that other emerging digital coins and tokens are taken seriously than it was anticipated. However, the present problems which faces the process is traced to the slow transaction processing which users experience due to the increasing number of people getting involved in the program and the confinement of space in the digital community. Apart from this, the transactions to be carried out by users are becoming increasingly high and unaffordable thus making it unbearable for them to conduct. With all these abnormalities and mishaps going on in the crypto world, a dynamic solution is required to an end that the journey along the digital path can be made easier. This change can only be brought about by BITCOINONE platform, and for this reason, I present to you this platform.

This project is one which is in support of the distributed operations of the new ledger system other than the traditional banking institutions. It plans to give people freedom in their quest to finding a more easy way to have money exchanged and spent on the go without any limitations and restrictions of the government or third parties involved. But doing this, it will be differentiating itself from the non friendly local institutions that have nothing to offer their clients when it comes to money matters. BITCOINONE has come to combat the traditional financial system and strip them of the right and authority they exercise over people, hence making them powerless and giving people a chance to make a worthwhile choice that will favour them. Due to the present state of the ledger domain and the issues it is currently facing, some purely centralized-model platforms have hoped to use that as a leverage to take over the monetary handling activities, but that wouldn't be possible as this platform emerges. The provision of this platform is of an advantage to several other blockbuster chains like the verge, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, giving them a platform to launch forth and improve in the activities they conduct for a better digital domain. This advances made towards that purpose is one of the aims of the founder of Bitcoin, whose name is Satoshi, the invention of this coins where made to cut across many fields and to be used all over the face of the Earth without limitations, so coming short of this will mean that the aim of its existence hasn't been achieved and BitcoinOne can't afford to let that happen. Instead, this platform will be putting many resources together and doing all that it could with the absence of third parties to make the visions of blockbuster system a reality. With it, there will be a smooth paralleled P2P type of transaction between all the users globally without mediators interference.

Crypto currency will make it so impossible for users to depend on the dictatorship of the law makers and how they would rather have things go in their financial dictatorship. And thus, they won't be able to monitor individuals funds and deprive them of the advantages they can enjoy with the freedom they could have. As this is being done, the values of financial programs will be cherished even with the absence of third parties in the schemes. An example of this is the crude financial program usually manned by the law makers which gives the autimatum in the entire process. All these have been the major reasons why big multimillionaire companies face a hell of a crises when they wish to get a plan to increase their sphere and reach to their customers. Nevertheless, crypto doesn't mount such pressure on users, rather it gives them an avenue to soar higher in their investments and other business programs that has been designed by the users or the companies that uses them. The transparency that will be provided in this system will be well pronounced and magnified to an extent that both the rich and poor will have equal rights and claims without bias. This will increase the trust of people in digital currencies and make them free to exhibit any style of payment of their choice with definite transparent services that is free from defaults and well credible than the ones that people experience in the old traditional ones. This provision will also call for the freedom of transfer and receipt of funds between users and an advantage to use funds in their businesses without being monitored or hindered. A reasonable statistics has shown that as many as about three billion people across Asia and Africa are currently living a life free from the control or use of banks (unbank), this is traced to the fact that they don't weigh up to the standard of the banks or meet their requirements for having a bank account, and as a result of that they have been trivialized. BitcoinOne is one of such that liberates everyone regardless of the status or background. Its aim is to have both the young, old, schooled ,and unschooled actively involved and benefitting from the innovation of crypto currency.

More so, the evident growth experienced lately in the tech world has also assisted in solving so many of the constantly arising issues and even in the financial sector, but it is believed that with time, the real power of the lender system will be deployed and many problems will be solved real quick better and those solutions will last longer. On the long run, Bitcoin existence will be cherished as it would have grown to a state that it will be able to conquer majority, if not all of the problems we face in our world today especially when it comes to the use of money because majority of the world crises have been traced to the improper management and control of this factor.

Considering the fact that we all have to be a part of a program whether consciously or not, it is imperative to know the weight and mode of operations of that program we duly seek to be a part of. In lieu of that, this platform has set its priorities and the goals it seeks to achieve, and has designed a distinct path to tread in order to achieve that. For that purpose did the team put together, an astounding one for that matter which will be working as one to bring the vision of this setup to reality. They have excelled in their various field and have recorded tangible achievements such as the listing of the platform token on many exchanges which will foster the effective trading by users who wishes to buy or sell. More so, it has its token trading proposed to coinex from which it is will soon have a positive feedback from shortly. This actually shows how serious and determined this platform is in making it a real revolutionary element on the blockbuster infrastructure.

Furthermore, the team of this venture have fully devoted themselves to be ready to attend helpful meetings that would be beneficial to the platform as well as its vision also. Irrespective of the venue of such meetings, they will always strive to attend and add value to themselves as well as to other platforms. In the future, BitCoinOne has a prospective ambition of establishing its unique Blockchain infrastructures and attain a great forecast of about $2 before the end of this year to prove to its users that they mean what they have said.

In the nearest future, BitCoinOne is bent towards being the leading leader of the market with the kind of perfect service it provides thus making many processes take a new shape and form. Transactions will be made perfect and easy unlike the old fashion thus giving users the advantage to soar higher in their investments schemes. It will be making a new form of instantaneous transaction possible for its users and will be the forefrontier of other major coins like ETH and BTC.

In its infancy stage, it has designed a portable and reliable wallet system (virtual type), which is also present in its app for easy sending or receiving of funds. This provision is laced with quality security services which ensures the protection of funds and access restrictions to external parties. Very soon, BitCoinOne will be making its own trading portal known but in the meantime, it will have its token listed in as many trading sites as possible.

The team of this setup is always up to the task to source for the fund needed to source the exchange listings that will make the system look more devoted and focused. However, they foster its partnership with other existing ventures that has gained enough group by engaging in activities with them. It majors not just on the value of its token, seeks for other avenue to make the best and allow users gain rather than being selfish in their quest to make profit. The program is a selfless one and so is the team, the have placed their passion for the project above all other privileges or benefit they could derived from it. Also, the team is for ever grateful for the privilege and conducive atmosphere it has been given by the existing ones like BTC and ETH, and their consistent support towards the progress of this innovation that is set to revolutionize the electronic money use and distribution. In a bid to extend a loving arm to the people, BitCoinOne will be giving up to about eighty thousands of its token (btcone) to its users and also to the team which helped in making the platform a success.

Currently, Btcone is listed and actively available for trading on trading sites like EtherC,Altilly exchange,Tokenjar,Bitox, Unicorn,BiteBTC and many others, u to about 8 trading sites.


The proportion of token accessible for utilize: 10,000,000

Progression/Operations/Reverse: 8,900,000

Market/Bounty: 2,100,000


Name: BitCoin One

Symbol: BTCONE

Decimals: 18

Type: ERC20

Total Supply: 21,000,000

Circulating Supply: 10,000,000

Token Distribution

47,6% Snapshot

42,4% Developer Team

10% Bounty & Marketing

9,52% Charity

Date: Snapshot Sudah diambil pada 9 Juli 2018

Total Supply: 21.000.000 B1P

Circulation Supply: 10.000.000 B1P


All the plans this platform has laid down will be followed to the later to bring about the desired change and as time goes on, it will top all other projects in the ledger community. Users will be thankful as they be a part of this program because all they ever wanted or desired will be ochestrated by the team of BitCoinOne.




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