This newly created double system or style of project is going to be the new plaform of easy control and conduction of all kinds of needs of users in all our real life money relationship and our interactions with other stage of the world's programs and our activities in many business gathering. This structure is a joint one with the AKASIC global network, integrated for improvement in the sector or the network of great users.

The MASTERNET program is up to the task and functions of raising users together with the Akasic community, an increasing number of the graphic asset users from all over the part of the world for the sake of making use and exchanging a common coin called the MASH coin among themselves in the other ventures and thus boosting the year's activities in accordance to how it was laid out for the year financially. This innovation in the use of standard coins of the setup in other ones is quite rare and strong enough to provide quality results for the users in their resources.


The first one is the issue with the failure of more than 80% of the framework which keeps emerging year by year with slim survival chances and the ability of the surviving ones to do as planned or stated.

Report has regarded a huge number of project as being false or incompetent due to their technical incapabilities and unavailability to solve majority of the issues facing the use of assets throughout the world where their influence is increased. Some of this setups have little or no subscribers to their concept.


The master plan of both structures and network built together and interwoven is to establish a perfectly strong and reliable community for upholding the activities of the other Platforms. This is to serve as a backup for many weak entities which has something to offer the community but lacks the appropriate infrastructures. More so, masternet seeks to increase the utilization sphere for its special products that was designed for several importance and use by the members of the new MASTERNET setup from so many part of the world.

MASTERNET combined with its subsidiary network has great goals to achieve by being so greatly designed and structured. Firstly, it planned to be the leading network amongst others to give reliable services as it relates to funds in the blockbuster tech. This will be achieved using its two network facet advantage it has over others and the community of adequate professionals it functions in.

It plans to bolster the functions of the ledgerSystem and its application in almost all the fields of the world. This is done by maintaining a strong network and also making use of the vast potentials of other special infrastructures to increase the functionality of other potential useful ventures that have quite a lot of benefits for users at large.

As of this moment and season, the program is centered on construction of the Akasic global space for many users all around the world to be able to use the mash token well above all other coins in the ledger community and as such exposing them to the newness of the system and the impact that would have in their live and finances.

The interesting thing about the Akasic network is the fact that it is being designed in Seoul, a place in Korea with a motive to be the first type of token which beginners will be able to relate with and used without any challenges during exchange.

The akamming process of this process allows users and miners especially to invest in mining infrastructures and then create a growth channel for both the members and other investors in the network to soar high in their system investment.

The mash token is the central token, it will be used by everyone in this ecosystem and will open new portals of profitability as they utilize it. Many other tools of the Akasic network will be adopted in the remarkable operations and activities which users will be engaging in within the system to bring about the desired goal and aim of use.

The token is of an Ethereum basement (ERC20) and it is backed with a strong algorithm to enhance its purpose and use in the ecosystem. The overall issuance of mash token will be 200.million out of which different programs and activities will be allocated shares or percentage of the token.

In conclusion, the network of users in this platform will be able to access quality from different processes of the ecosystem and from other stages supported by MASTERNET. This will make many activities easy, less burdensome to the members and investors of masternet.

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