IOVO – Internet of Value on the Blockchain

In the world today, there is increase in cyber crimes. The narrative to this effect had been taking falsified actions over the net. However, this does not end here as inordinate practice had seen to illegal collection of personal information.

The current internet model is purportedly hinged on creating value over the net? But what value is being created? So far, what is obtainable is negative value that had seen thousands of internet users losing their information to centralized platforms.

The Cambridge Analytica incident that exposed Facebook’s monopoly of users’ data is one that lends credence to the fact that the internet is saturated with data-hungry platforms that will go the extra mile to obtain information at no cost and trade same for profit.

However, there seems to be solutions and these are not far from the corridors of the blockchain technology. The platform had been useful to platforms that wanted utmost security in their operations.

The focus here is on the latest innovation to hit the blockchain network. Ordinarily, IOVO might pass as one of those projects that are set to give Bitcoin run for its money. However, with continued attack and forceful retrieval of users’ data, IOVO is keen on reinventing the system and rather entrusting information to the curator – end-users.

Introducing Value Internet:
The internet had greatly evolved from the hay days when blogs were the big thing to today’s social networks. However, talks are already rife for internet of things that will strike connectivity across devices.

The blockchain technology along with platforms that are hinged on it is keen on introducing value web and IOVO had positioned itself as running mate to Tron (TRX) – another platform that wants to decentralize the web.
The solution offered is one that will see to democratic collection of data across platforms. To this end, there will be decentralization of how data is collected and there is also consensus on data production.

Demystifying IOVO:
On its part, IOVO had created a platform that will be beneficial to most players in the data industry. It should be noted that billions of information are released on daily basis across platforms. From social networks to surfing the net for information, your behavioral activity is recorded and will be taken into account when information and adverts that might be useful to you are to be passed you way.

For this reason, IOVO that stands for Internet of Value Omniledger is disrupting what is on ground and in the stead, is making the ecosystem viable for all participants. First, it will be pertinent to understand what the underlying concepts in IOVO are all about.

Internet of Value is simply making over-the-air communication open and free of any monopoly. To this end, you can post your personal lifestyle on platforms with every belief that nobody is literally watching your actions and there will be no one to steal your data for personal gains.
Omniledger on the other hand implies that the project is literally a mini-god; overseeing the affairs of other platforms. To this end, the ledger that comprises other tons of ledgers will be a centralized database that will store data from different platforms and users participating on it.

Using DAG as tool:
It is common practice for decentralized projects to use the blockchain as their base. However, IOVO had joined growing list of DAG platforms. The directed acrclic graph (DAG) is gaining widespread popularity for its purported method in solving scalability issues on the blockchain.
IOVO’s DAG is quite peculiar because it is specifically targeted at data collection. This will function in unison with the platform in collection, ownership and use of data effectively. The idea is that your information will be free from the likes of Facebook and Google that have been playing god; collating data and selling them off with no token issued to users whose information had been compromised in the process.

Rather, IOVO changes the story by using its DAG structure in allowing data curators (owners) get rewarded for their information that are to be used. The DAG feature is coming at a time when the technology is touted to become useful in many decentralized projects by the end of 2025.

Apart from reinventing data use and collection, IOVO is particularly interested in causing revolt that will see centralized data-monopoly platforms crashing to their knees. The first reason for the project is to decentralize data in a way that only end-users who curate such can be able to use it. They however have the option of monetizing it.

On the other hand, data ought to have a platform where they can be accessed at a go. Thus, discrepancies that have caused information lying about on the cyber space will be solved. To this end, IOVO’s DAG technology is willing tool that will see to formation of a universal database that will compute data; making it easy for access.

Token Distribution

Token Sales Information
Ticker: IOVO
Hard Cap: $30 million USD
Accepted: ETH, BTC
Exchange Rate: 1 IOVO= $0.12 USD

The Way Out:
If you still derive joy communicating through social networks and losing your information, IOVO is not for you. But if you want to take the bull by the horn and join the party for decentralized value internet, then the project is waiting for you with open arms.
While democratizing data collection, IOVO also looks at creation of a platform that will make data collection unanimous and easy for use. This time, companies that have been looking for mono-point to get information that will drive up their sales can get so on the IOVO platform. Likewise, users who are fed up with illegal mining of their information with no interest issued to them can use the platform to trade data and have some funds in the pocket.
In a nutshell, Internet of Value Omniledger (IOVO) is a better way out of continuous data monopoly in today’s society and inroad to decentralized way of data use.

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