The emergence of the blockchain ecosystem is not just some kind of idea that is to scam people but an ecosystem that comes to provide an electronic-cash service in order to free the people of the hardship posed on them by the monopolize system in the world. The idea is to provide a financial-service that is outside the jurisdiction of the thrid parties so that people can conduct transactions with their funds without having to worry about someone watching them. However, the goodness of the ledger-system cannot be overemphasized due to the fact that it importance and functionalities are glaring and it development is obvious in every sector we have in the world such as the likes of e-commerce, autonomous vehicles and some other sectors across the world. The goodness of ledger-system has also extended to the sport region whereby they utilize the efficiency of the ledger-system to render a more glorious service than the previous services they provided in time past. However, it is a sure fact that the evolution of the ledger-system has come to stay and to also benefit us all. However, some incidents are occurring in the ledger-world that are likely to ravage the system. Now, seeing the efficiency of the system it is better we highlight the problems and provide solutions to the problems.

The problems arises from the low transparency service render by the ledger-system which has brought down the usage level of the ledger-system in form of transactions and the likes. Furthermore, the slow transactions-experience that the members experience while utilizing the ledger-system especially #bitcoin has also led to decline in the usage of bitcoin across the world. For example, an organization that major on buying and selling of products cannot use ledger-system as a major source of payment due to it low speed when it comes to transactions. However, there is a need for a platform to emerge so as to provide the best ledger-service for the lovers of the ledger-system who chose to stick with the system even though it might not be at it best functioning at the moment and also to bring back the lost sheeps of the ledger-system that have given up on the usage of ledger-system. Fortunately, a platform has emerged with a great confidence that it going to provide the best service that the users of the ledger-system crave for and this venture is known as BitcoinOne. Now let's get to know this amazing and good venture.
Before we go into the details of this venture, it will be a good thing that you as my reader takes a good corner and careful reside so as to enable every details provided by this venture am about to discuss.


As we all know, the talk of ledger-system being a better one that the operations of the traditional service is not a new discussion any more, and this is as a result of unlimited freedom that is provided by the ledger-system which has separate the system to be a better system to engage that the existing localized operations that is rampant in our society. Seeing this, the law makers in our various jurisdictions has come to tackle the system in that it seems to take the monopoly power they have over the people and give them freedom and that is when the fight began but it is a sure fact that the fight is already a lost fight for the law makers and this is because the system has what it takes to dominate the existing systems. Unfortunately, we can now see from the aforementioned problems that are evolving in the ledger world which needs to be taken care of and this is because the centralized based systems will use that against the ledger system which is not supposed to be. Therefore, BitcoinOne, has come to provide a digitalized currency that bring support to the other ledger systems such as the bitcoin,verge,ethereum,and the likes. This is to truly bring to existence the true desire of satishi-bitcoin when it was being conceived in the heart of the inventors. The true idea of ledger system (crypto) is to invent a peer2peer payout transacting system without the intervention of the thrid parties.
With cryptocurrency, there will be definitely no need for every members to look up to anybody like the law makers or the financial institutes to help them control their fund. The elimination of the third parties will thereby enable the the members to have a great influence on its value. This can be seen in the current state of the traditional financial service such as the nbanks and the law makers which always love to decide the structure at which financial-services are render or how it should be render and most times they do put a limitation on how much find can be done in a day or per transaction.

Come to think of it, is perhaps a big company owner wish to purchase a product in order to skyrocket the activities of the company owned, the owner might face issues when it comes to list of transactions that can be made per day by which is enforced by the law makers. But with cryptocurrency, this is not so, because the system gives it users the full freedom they could ever think for, coupled with the transparency service which might have fault but far better that the traditional ventures. It also enable both the wealthy and poor or average to enjoy unlimited transactions anytime whereby they can all freely send or receive funds as much as they like, and they can also venture into businesses with the use of crypto anywhere in the world without being questioned about their identity or a need to perform a screening which is a huge requirement in the localized world. Note! It is a good thing to mention that all these transactions of a thing are done through wallet provide by the CRYPTO PLATFORM.


BitcoinOne is also here to reaffirm the freedom provided by digitalized system by offering a financial service that gives the members absolute freedom in all manners. According to stats, there are about 3billion people across the continent of Africa and Asia which are living an unbank life and it was mostly because of their grades in the society which denied them of access to have their own bank account as a result of biased reason that is rampant in the localized world. Fortunately, it is in the pleasure of BitcoinOne to help those kinds of people by providing a better financial service in order to empower them with the utilization of ledger currencies. Furthermore, with the quick response in terms of growth of the blockchain tech, it will be an evident factor that the ledger system will ravage the issues evolving in the normal financial world. Even though, this might be seems to be unreal but it is a sure fact that as times goes on the potentials of the ledger system will definitely dominate the existing mode of operations that is rampant in the localized world. With this, the true vision of satishi bitcoin will come to realize and will also provide absolute freedom to the needy in terms of financial services.

It is obvious to some of us that has been engaged with one project or the other in real life, we will denote that it is not an easy task to establish a project and we all know what to invent is easy but to stabilize and establish is the core job. However, this venture has a fantastic and proper planner which I called the "Amazing Team" the teams are well knowledgeable and proven several times and the achievements of the team is obvious to everyone on the social media at large. This can also be seen from the commencement of this project which has brought some achievements which I will like to share with you all my readers.
• After the achievements of several listings on many exchange ventures in the crypto-market, they are still waiting for feed back from coinex exchange platform for another listing. Isn't this wonderful? Yes it is.
• The team behind this venture has also taken it upon themselves to be attending meetings that are conducted by #blockchain event which the first will be taking place in London U.K.
• New Blockchain creation in time to come.
• And a higher forecast of about $2.00 at the end of this present year I mean year 2018

This venture seeks to take over the crypto-market thought the potential of it service. This venture will provide a better transaction service that is far better than the existing systems such as the ethereum,BTC and others. Therefore, we can all hope for instant transactions while exploring this setup.
This setup will also develop a virtual_wallet and an app for the purpose of easy accessibility for the members.
This venture will also invent it own trading-system in time to come.
More exchange listing coming

BitcoinOne is not some kind of another venture that only seek to conduct initial coin_offering
The group behind the invention and the initiation of BitcoinOne are always having auctions so as to fund the exchange-listing needed to propel the relevancy of the venture. The team also seek the help and partnership of the existing setups in the crypto-market by attending crypto events.
The BitcoinOne group is not a group that focus on the present situations with the token value but rather seeks to drive the platform to a better place via their passion in order to make a sound difference.
The team behind this venture also show their respect to the existing-platforms such as the Bitcoin and others for their great support and for inventing a marvelous system that will benefit the world at large.
The group of this venture as also strive to get the platform listed on Ecex_exchange and also dashing about 80,000 btcone, to the members within the setup or perhaps the group behind the venture.
This setup is also added to about eight exchanges apart from the goal of still having more exchanges in the days to come. The exchanges includes the BiteBTC,EtherC,Bitox Exchange,Stocks.Exchange,Unicorn Exchange,Altilly Exchange,Tokenjar Exchange.


As of now, everyone have access to about 10million of tokens out of about 21million that is made available throughout the venture. The venture has also assigned tokens for the purpose of switching and transmute and also the authorities in conjunction with concealed estimation of tokens which will be directly a result of the constrained operations happening in the ledger world market place. These workings will provide the best and safer place for anyone to safe keep their assets.


The proportion of token accessible for utilize: 10,000,000
Progression/Operations/Reverse: 8,900,000
Market/Bounty: 2,100,000

Name: BitCoin One
Symbol: BTCONE
Decimals: 18
Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 21,000,000
Circulating Supply: 10,000,000
Token Distribution

47,6% Snapshot
42,4% Developer Team
10% Bounty & Marketing
9,52% Charity
Date: Snapshot Sudah diambil pada 9 Juli 2018
Total Supply: 21.000.000 B1P
Circulation Supply: 10.000.000 B1P


As we are all conscious of the fact that, It is a good thing to say that the existing systems before the emergence of bitcoin are good but it is also a sure fact that the existence of the ledger-system has taken over the operations of the existing ones. And this is due to it functionalities and it Importance. However, in the quest of showing which one is the best, BitcoinOne has emerged to develop a more faster setup than that of the existing systems such as (BTC,ETH,LTE and Others). In addition, this venture has apportioned a percentage for charity and for other projects in other to fully remove that ugly thing called poverty from the face of the Earth. The main ambition of his great venture is to make a great and unique difference in the world of crypto-market and this is to make this world we are a more better place (finacially) for everyone to live and survive without any hardship from external forces. This article is only but a brief of what this great venture entails. I will encourage you as my reader to please visit the website page of this venture and get more thrilling Information for yourself.


Exchanges where bitcoin one is trading and can be traded.!/trade/BTCONE-ETH

For more insight about BITCOINONE PROJECT kindly do well by checking the links below







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