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Today, internet users unknowingly for go control over personal data in exchange for access to social media, search engines, etc. These services are advertised as ‘free’ but at a significant cost in actuality. The digital advertising data market worth billions is the nucleus of the performance marketing industry responsible for personalized advertising. In e-business, data gathering is the backbone of every on-site advertisement strategy, but when personal data harvested with impunity and sold to external services to be re-sold to other advertisers to improve advertising campaign results, all these without authorized consent of the data owner, then there is a problem! Google and Facebook’s leadership in digital advertising was built on years of developing dominant ecosystems. Since the early days, users have gradually become dependent on their services causing an overwhelming duopoly. Therefore, both companies with access to humongous amount of first-hand user data, now control over half the US digital advertising market. This they have achieved with little public scrutiny of their handling of personal information. The result? Reckless data breaches, vending, and abuse of the modern Data world. These issues and many more, are what IOVO, a collective team of digital advertising and media veterans focused on revolutionizing the digital advertising industry, is set out to change

Iovo is a advertising ecosystem which leverages on blockchain technology to create a platform which meets the challenges of end-user data exposure, control, and accuracy, while still acknowledging the power of data-driven advertising.


Iovo is decentralized data monetization platform designed to provide secure, verifiable and legitimate data network.

Iovo intends to restructure the data industry by creating an ecosystem of 4 core components:

A secure, not-for-profit Data Foundation, an organization bestowed with the purpose of storing and ensuring that users provided data are not indiscriminately exposed to unauthorized persons. Data to be stored include raw data, information, knowledge and wisdom User applications: Allows for users registration and supplying of their personal data through partners. Data supplied are fully controlled by the owner, and only the owner can give an authorized approval to access of the data. These data are stored in the database as mentioned above. These can be done via mobile application provided made available on iOS and android devices.

Integrated infrastructure: This layer is made up of secured and integrated infrastructure that paves way for efficient, transparent and scalable.
The IOVO ecosystem is based on the following fundamental principles:

• Access

• Accuracy

•ACT (Anonymity, Control & Transparency).

operates a iovo token ecosystem which runs on the Ethereum blockchain-based marketplace. From internet usage, mobile device data, personal information, etc, iovo employs smart contracts to ensure that all information are accurate and legitimate. Unlike the current traditional system which is intractable and froward, iovo has adopted a rapid and revolutionary approach poised to make all the difference in the marketplace by creating a first-hand link between companies and consumers. These allows for effective communication, guaranteeing feedback without hindrance.

A direct line offered customers to their consumers by the platform, to design attractive products and services and understand the requirements. The company's excellent technical and management team device strategic patterns to differenciate it from rivals entering the market, thereby mitigating startup risks.

The platform interfaces between pronounced company's such as Volkswagen, Procter and Gamble(P&G), Mercedes-Benz, etc, and consumers willing to sell their personal data, thus creating a unique business model. With some of the world's largest companies, they create an impressive client base. Clients will pay the company with fiat currencies, which in turn will be converted to iovo tokens, and consumers given for data Via the platform's blockchain marketplace, data is also collected by the company from sensors and there is thus an opportunity to revamp advertising in a way that appreciates the value of data-driven advertising but protects against end-user data abuse and exposure.

To achieve transparency and security, iovo Foundation uses a blockchain platform where every action is recorded within a decentralized public ledger and all token payments publicly processed. This blockchain backbone ensures that all forms of token transfer are traceable and backed by smart contracts. When this is possible, there is a guarantee of automatic, transparent, and seamless settlements IOVO is an innovative generation of security-conscious advertisers focused on producing superior campaign results without any foul play to create a win-win situation for both themselves and users to regain online anonymity, as well as retain personal data ownership and control.


Its mandates that trading of personal data is delineate and transparent and within the consumer's consent. Data is stored in the encrypted blockchain, and only the consumer has the right to decrypt their data using smart contract. It makes it possible for consumers to track how and who uses their data creating a user-controlled, peer-to-peer data marketplace.



20% of the total supply allocated to Smart drop

10% Is Locked

30% Allocated to private sale

20% Allocated to Team & Advisory

10% Allocated to Public Sale

10% Allocated to Reserve


50% Allocated to Development

15% Allocated to Marketing

10% Allocated to Team

5% Allocated to Administrative

5% Allocated to IOVO Foundation

10% Allocated to Business Development

5% Allocated to Legal

Iovo is the platform that has created an ethical, secure and transparent global marketplace allowing public and private concerns to participate. It provides an inclusive actual service of real value which cost effective, time efficient, optimize products and services. Iovo aims at satisfying every participant in the iovo ecosystem guaranteeing security and privacy.

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