Almost everything now is having an element of the ledger chain infused in them. The commercial sector, the industrial and even the agricultural sector is now being opened up to the promising system which is set to improve all the spheres of life. But now, here is an avenue to improve the fish industry as it has been associated with so many vulnerabilities due to the traditional way the activities are being run.

The market has major stakeholders whose impact and contribution is so vital and they have to be encouraged to ensure that they are able to provide the necessary services for the customers and for the sector to be at its best conduciveness for all.

PROFISH team has thought it best to have the sport fishing sector revolutionized with its innovation, hoping that it is going to bring a remarkable change and improvement in it and the way the activities are done. Therefore, It has put all its essential instrument and components together, to achieve its aim.

PROFISH is a constructive innovation on the ledger chain tech that has come to offer the sport fishing industry a method of incorporating crypto currency into it and having it experience a new tide in its activities. It is set to create a distributed market for fish and fish product and make its ecosystem such that, traders from all angles and part of the world can interact and satisfy their customers.


This platform will create a perimeter for the fishermen and fish mongers to take the selling of thier products or fishes to a higher level as they are opened up to a new form of administration thus giving them a wider scope of reach to achieve high quality service and interaction with consumers. PROFISH has planned to use its tradable FISH token for payment activities and monetary services, through the use, people get to be actively involved and are benefitted.



PROFISH has arranged for its participants, an online gaming competition such that the winners end up being rewarded with the FISH token and the full participation of others is achieved. More so, with the aid of the gaming competitions and activities of the PROFISH, users will get to enjoy numerous benefit like the low cost for the trading services and also the security of their account and assets in the ecosystem.

The exchange activities will be so much reliable for the members and retailers on account of this will be able to conduct good marketing for the products they offer. PROFISH will be rewarding the winners in the games it has designed with its token as well as the other contributors. However, seeing the need for social interaction in the community, this platform has set a social gathering or portal where users get to interact and communicate added services.


For commercial activities, a market place is established in the ecosystem, where all the market and fish stakeholders can meet to trade with the FISH token and also do some swapping if needed.

From the services provided by the fish retailers to their clients, PROFISH will be empowering them for giving rewards to the clients through different ways like the offering of free vouchers and others.

As long as the system is able to offer the mentioned services and rewards for its members, the sector will be improved and all the parties involved will be impacted positively.


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