ProFish- Taking Sport Fishing Industry to a Greater Height Through Blockchain

General Overview

Over the past few years, blockchain technology has proven to be that technology that will change the ‘normal’ ways of doing things and change them for the better. Many industries, business community and individuals alike have started recognizing the advantages that blockchain provides and how it can revamp their operations. One of the industries that could benefit from uniqueness of blockchain is Sport Fishing industry. Sport fishing industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world with about 3.5% revenue increase per year. Simply put, the importance of Sport fishing in growing the economy of the world at large cannot be overstated. An amazing team realized the potentials of introducing blockchain technology to the booming industry and have created one of the best blockchain based project- ProFish, a project that will bring fresh innovation and business sense to the recreational fishing community. Powered by blockchain, ProFish and its unique FISH token will not only bring a new business sense to Sport fishing industry, it will also catapults the project to an even greater heights.

About ProFish

With FISH token, ProFish will be of great benefit to fishermen, retailers, and vendors alike through its trilateral approach using a self-sustaining decentralized platform. The approach is to enable vendors, retailers, and fishermen to use FISH tokens for their exchange of goods and services through ProFish’s online marketplace. ProFish will make available service like an online swap meet where members can either sell their used or custom equipment. One of the benefit of ProFish project to vendor, retailers, and fishermen is that they will have their own store where they can make available items for sale as the payment will be embodied directly into the community store.

ProFish and FISH token want to ensure that sport fishing no longer spend huge money on advertisement whether through radio, television, social media, etc. as the money end up leaving the industry. With FISH platform as the primary transaction platform, it will ensure that everything that belong to sport fishing stays in sport fishing. 

With amazing services such as Online Tournaments that will pay in FISH tokens and Ethereum plus other amazing prizes and Online Marketplace where community members will have the chance to use feature like an online swap meet, ProFish is that project that will revamp an already booming industry.

Furthermore, one of the advantages that ProFish brings is the extremely low transaction fees since FISH token based on Ethereum network which is a fair and decentralized platform. The advantage of Ethereum network is that every transaction is easily verifiable and highly secure. Community members can rest assure that their funds are safe and every payment can be easily traced. Since Ethereum is peer-to-peer (p2p) network, users have control over their own wallet and can easily transact with each other and ProFish will not charge users for transactions. The extremely low gas price will be determine by Ethereum network that may change from time to time. The services provided by ProFish are completely free.

Token Details

FISH is the name of ProFish token with total supply of 985 Million. FISH is an ERC-20 token and already trading at Mertacox exchange.

Token name: FISH

Total Supply: 985 Million

Contract Address: 0xBb8A83f98e3D98EA1e3bc6E01FA577e5Ec3e62D0

Decimals: 8


Sport Fishing industry is a booming industry, but it can be better. With the power of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY and decentralization that ProFishbrings, Sport Fishing industry about to experience growth like never before.


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