Over the past decades, advancement in technology has been astronomical. This advancement is making life easier for people and improving, as well as inventing new ways of living. These technologies afford us to practically live our life online. Virtually, anything can be done online these days with smart devices all over, ranging from banking, communicating, chatting, promoting our businesses, learning, etc. which has made our day-to-day activities a lot easier. However, this digital world, despite the fact that it is making our living easier and enjoyable, have its own downsides. One of which is the enormous amount of data that our day-to-day are generating which are being stored, transferred and shared, which often than not, are being done without our knowledge. Our data are being stored as we are browsing and chatting on various social media, as we use our various banking apps, as we use our favorite shopping websites, etc. these data that are being generated, stored, and shared as we engage in all these activities stands for what we represent as human being and as such, should be something that we can decide by ourselves how we want to use them and nobody or organization should be able to share them without our knowledge and consent. This notable idea is what led to the team up of brilliant minds to create one of the best blockchain-based project with the sole aim of letting individuals have control over their data and be able to store it in a safe and secure place. That outstanding project is none other than IOVO.


What IOVO (Internet Of Value OminiLedger) stands for, is to let individual have control over how their data are being used, that individual should be able to store their data in a free and secure way. The team of IOVO created this amazing platform to serve as a unique global open network database to facilitate storing and exchanging information on any type of quantitative assets. IOVO is based on next generation blockchain DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) and serves as a data management and scoring data.


Every day by day, we are being robbed of our human value as our data are being stored, transferred, and shared without our knowledge. Many big and even the small organizations that are centralized are taking advantages of the data generated by users on their different platforms as we goes on our normal lives. In many cases, these data are being sold to advertisers that uses them for their targeted ads. Therefore, these centralized structures are robbing us of our essential values and enriching themselves in the process. When individual are no longer have control over their personal data, then it is tantamount to losing and surrendering the control someone’s life for another person or entity to use as they deem fit.


Ask yourself, how will you feel to be able to fully control the data you share on a daily basis? How will you feel to be able to monetize your human value via different forms of exchange? How will you feel when you realize that your data which represents your human value are being stored in a safe and secure platform? Will you be as ecstatic as I am, writing this article if you realize that all these are now possible? Well if your answer to these questions is BIG YES, then I congratulate you that you are reading this article because IOVO DAG project has made these and more possible. The Internet of Value Omniledger (IOVO) have created a decentralized platform that allow users to reap benefit from collecting, storing, and sharing of their personal value directly or through numerous decentralized Apps (dApps). IOVO is a platform that is well designed to protect valuable human capital asset at this age of automation of labour and service processes.

IOVO recognizes that the data we share everyday represents our intrinsic value and should be protected and secure at all times. IOVO believes that only the owner of these data should have a say on they are being collected, shared and/or transferred. IOVO recognizes that even though today’s technology is exceeding our widest dream which has brought a lot of benefits that no one can deny, still yet, the rapid pace of change, if care is not taking have propensity of spiraling out of control. This is not far from truth as in today’s world, services are being taken over by automation and rapidly developing AI technologies which makes Value to be shifting aggressively from the material economy of the industry. IOVO wants to protect human value and what makes us unique amidst the ever changing world of technologies, therefore IOVO is a DAG, a network-database securing complete data ownership and management.

Blockchain technology is being widely adopted as more and more have started to realize the potential of blockchain as the future of financial markets. DAG, a next generated is gaining ground fast, this technology is the future of global markets as more it is estimated that as much as 70% of global markets will rely on blockchain and DAG technology. With ICOVO DAG, all personal and human capital that can be captured by personal data will be of benefits of individuals and communities. ICOVO makes data an exchangeable asset that is highly secured by the distributed global public ledger.

IOVO is created with a well thought-out design to give individual and entities ability to reclaim and control their own data. Management and monetization of data is being facilitated by IOVO so as to ensure data freedom. With IOVO DAG, infrastructure is being provided for any and all future dApps based on user values and/or focusing on data usage which include finance, credit, insurance, banking, news, and non-monetary payments.


The primary aim of IOVO is to ensure that human value is preserved and protected by performing functions of collecting, storing, and securing user data shared with applications built upon the IOVO DAG. So, IOVO is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) that is designed as a platform for various applications. With IOVO DAG, nobody can access data of other users without their consent, and if at all any user agrees to let their data available to others, such user will receive a reward based on agreed upon fee whenever the is accessed. Such user who agrees to share his/her data to others have complete control on over his/her data and can decide precisely just how much of their data is externally accessible. This means that when someone access the data that is made available, the owner of such data get paid. Therefore, every browsing action and query on IOVO platform requires payment, which allows users to monetize their data and access benefits that were previously only available to the owners of platforms and applications. IOVO serves as a personal data wallet which is fully controlled by user.

IOVO is of beneficial to USERS in many ways; users can have their own personal data wallet and have access to IOVO network, users have full control and owns their data, a secure and transparent data network and wallet, data monetization as users receive agreed fees when their data are accessed, and anonymity. IOVO is a powerful network database for browsing, analysis, and inference. The infrastructure is comprehensively analysis-friendly and equipped with easy access to external analytical tools. As such, it serves as benefits to researchers and analysts as they can use the tools and solutions provided by IOVO.

The team of IOVO wants it to become the world’s largest database and with the measures that have been put in place, the dream will be realized sooner rather than later. This is so because in addition to ensuring that data is well protected, the IOVO also functions as a database, collecting data from all applications built or based upon it. These wide variety of possible applications positioned the IOVO network to become potential largest network of data, aggregating data from various fields.

Since IOVO is powered by blockchain and DAG technology, the network is therefore, a peer-to-peer network which any user can join and starting making transactions. The advent of blockchain technology has made possible what we could not imagine few years ago, a decentralized network allowing peer-to-peer transactions without central authority to intervene. DAG which is next generation blockchain ensure that the technology keeps getting better and better. Many industries, sectors, and business communities have started adopting blockchain technology as realized that this is the future of financial markets and that blockchain technology is here to stay. Every users connected to IOVO network acts as a transmitter of transactions- they broadcast incoming transactions to other nodes in the network. This will enable transactions to reach validators in a fraction of a second.

Unlike centralized platform and application network where there is a central server through users communicate with their various smart devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones, the ICOVO DAG is a decentralized application network system where all users are equal. As such, all connections are distributed evenly between random nodes within the network. As an added benefit, all users can develop and implement decentralized Apps (dApps).

IOVO development at the early stage will be gradual as the network will not contain much data during this early stages, it takes time to gather information and create valuable ratings. The team of IOVO realized that at the early stages of this project, they need to motivate people to realize the benefits of being a part of this outstanding project. When users approve transactions, they will have a chance to mine a coin. The gain they will realized is proportional to such user’s combined value which is initially equal to the user’s stake, but as time goes on smoothly evolves into their values as IOVO matures. This mechanism is put in place so as to encourage users to work on their rating, which in turn encourages IOVO progress towards maturity.

How does earning in IOVO platform works you asked? Earning in IOVO is directly connected to the novel concept of proof of value (PoV), an evolution of the proof of stake (PoS) that allow each validator to get paid for their work in proportion to their stake. Every users will have a value score which represents how valuable their ratings and information are to the IOVO community as a whole.

Furthermore, IOVO is being powered and directed by multi-blockchain DAG as the team realized the limitations that comes with traditional blockchain technology, limitations such as limited scalability as these networks (Bitcoin and Ethereum for example) can only process about 10 transactions per second. This limitation will defeat the purpose of what the team of IOVO are trying to achieve. With multi-blockchain DAG, the secure blockchain-based structure is preserved while facilitating unlimited scalability in the process. The good thing about DAG is that all the transactions that takes place on it along with the structure of the DAG itself are visible publicly and can be monitored. However, all the sensitive data is encrypted and only the public key of users’ is publicly accessible. Thus, IOVO is keeping users’ data safe and secure while being transparent and honest in the process.

Additionally, in order to ensure that every piece of data on IOVO platform are kept safe and secure, IOVO will encrypt every data using public-key encryption algorithms. Therefore, users’ data cannot be decrypted without appropriate private key which is only available to the owner of the data, and no one can forge another user’s signature with the measure of security that have been put in place by IOVO team. Any user that want to share their data to the public can do so and the history of transactions, while traceable, cannot be pinpointed to any personal user data.


Internet Of Value Omniledger (IOVO) token is an utility token which will be used as payment by anybody who wants to search for data and contribute on IOVO network. There is total supply of 1,000,000,000.

Token Symbol: IOVO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Network Type: Ethereum Blockchain network

There is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where you will get the chance to be part of this outstanding project early, you do not want to IOVO project for anything in the world.

Private Sale: 300,000,000 (30% of total supply)

Discount: 50%

Token Price: $0.06

Private Sale Value: $18,000,000

IOVO token will be distributed as follows;







The funds generated will be allocated as follows;

50% for Development

15% for PR and Marketing

10% for Team

5% for Administrative

5% for IOVO Foundation

10% for Business Development

5% for Legal





Do you want to be a part of this outstanding project? You want to find out more about IOVO project? Kindly visit the following links;

Website: htttp://iovo.io/

Whitepaper: http://iovo.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/iovoledger

Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4509519.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iovoledger

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iovoledger

Medium: https://medium.com/@iovo

Github: https://github.com/iovoledger

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/iovo


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