Related imageSo many times, I believe you have had digital content such as e-books, songs, videos, games and other forms of digital content in which you no longer have use of and you which to sell it and make little profit out of the proceeds, even if will never amount to how much you got them for.

However, the possibility of this happening has greatly been impaled because the current digital market does not give right to users therefore making it impossible for users to resell their content and when services eventually close down they lose their content.

The digital content was estimated to have its volume increased by 5.7% in 2016 compared to how it has been in previous years which made the overall market volume to become 8415 billion yen. Various niches in digital content estimated as follows.

  • Movies- 4.2 trillion yen
  • Games- 1.9 trillion yen
  • Music/audio-902 billion yen
  • Images/text- 260 billion yen
  • Others- 1.3 trillion yen.

This makes the overall digital market value to be over 9 trillion yen.

Related imageThe concept of a secondary market is still very young but a research has shown that the estimated amount of actuals products such as books and furniture bought is over 15 trillion yen and that of the secondary market is over 2 trillion.

Because of the potentials in which the secondary market for digital contents holds, ASOBI is here to create an opportunity for digital content holders with content such as e-books, game items and more an opportunity to make money from their holdings by putting them in charge of their own license.


ASOBI is creating a distributed secondary content platform with the use of blockchain and its smart contract thereby giving digital content the owners the ability to license their content and sell them for proceeds. The platform will be creating secure cloud system called a decentralized security system (DSS) for the purpose of creating the license.

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With the ASOBI platform, digital content such comics, games items(upgrades), music and videos in which you no longer have need for can be licensed and sold for ASOBI COINS.


The platform will be making use of the blockchain technology and smart contract to bring this project to life. Since the current digital service providers do not give license to digital content holders for which without they cannot sell, ASOBI with the help of blockchain has created the decentralized security system which will be giving users the ability to own the license of their digital content with ease.

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With ASOBI, users will now be able to buy digital content directly from other content owners at a cheaper price than it goes for from publishers. This will benefit individuals who don’t have enough money to purchase these original contents and also benefit owners of these of this digital content by providing them with little proceeds gotten from sales of their items.

With smart contract, funds will be distributed according to contributors of a content i.e content creator, publisher, ASOBI platform and seller.


ASOBI are known game developers who have been in the entrepreneur industry for years and will be leveraging their customer base of millions of customers to make sure this project is a success.

The platform is founded by Katsunori Kondo and Yuusuke Haibara who are both entrepreneurs and are backed up by a team of blockchain and digital content experts.

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