Paying for goods and services has never been easier than it is in this generation, with the likes of PayPal, pioneer and other financial Payment methods one can easily pay for any service and product anywhere in the world as well as receive funds without the use of a traditional bank account.

However, with the growing economy and the growing use of the internet, the world has been facing various forms of fraudulent and cyber attack which has made individuals to begin seeking various means to protect their financial assets through the performance of a private and anonymous means of financial transaction.

This sort of private and anonymous form of transaction is one which has never been provided by any financial institute such as PayPal or even the traditional banking system despite the genuine need for it. These financial institutes in fact are in the habit of identifying and tracking user transactions through user names, behaviour and habits.

Because of the demand of various individuals to create a private, anonymous and secure financial transaction, BRAVO has decided to utilize blockchain technology to create a private, secure and anonymous payment solution which will therefore lead to a better financial system.

BRAVO is already a mobile payment platform which you will find in the google play store and the IOS store. The platform has been used for gratuity payments for artists and service professionals and now with the addition of blockchain, the platform is set to provide a secure and private means of sending funds and paying for various forms of products and services.

The platform will also provide an easy means by which unbanked individuals will become able to own an account without the need for the traditional banking system, so they can begin to send, receive funds and pay for goods and services on various platforms.

The blockchain is the only technology which has the capacity to perform a seamless, private, anonymous and secure transaction, but the use of the technology and its financial institutes (cryptocurrencies) are quite complicated and complex to use. This is why the BRAVO platform is simplifying the use of the blockchain technology to create an easy to use financial institute which will allow the transfer of funds in a seamless, secure and private way.

The BRAVO platform will be utilizing its existing user data base to drive the mainstream adoption of the platform which will also become a benefit for the platforms crypto token which will rise as soon as its use cases increases.

BRAVO will be become a platform which will facilitate a payment solution using blockchain technology to render payment transactions private, anonymous and secure and ultimately creating a better payment system.

Anonymous fiat or crypto payment which will be powered by a scalable hybrid blockchain also created by BRAVO
Connect with nearby users of the platform
Hybrid blockchain which will enable the alternation between traditional blockchain and an anonymous blockchain
Funds can be attached to a message
Capability for the BVO token to be used as any form of payment and much more.

With the payment solution in which this platform will be bringing to reality, I will suggest you be a part of it through the purchase of its initial BVO token offering.

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