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Many countries who have been blessed with large crude oil reserve have built a great economy through the processing and sales of crude and its finished products. The market for this industry is limitless because there is no country in planet who doesn’t make use of one form of crude or another.

However, I have been told that everything which has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Well maybe not everything but the use and processing of crude certainly is one which does have a disadvantage, while the economy of various countries who are major processers of crude, the world is gradually being tainted by the excessive residues which is created during the processing of crude oil.

The lack of a refining technology has also contributed in this pollution of our ecosystem, as the only means being used by this factory are by storing the residues in tanks or storing them in so-called reserve pools which are both expensive to set up and wasteful.


The following are some of the disadvantages of existing solutions:

High cost: the cost of setting up reserve pools and buying tanks which are used in preserving these residues are estimated to run to over tens of millions of dollars because it is a continuous process, tanks and pools always gets filled up.
Low efficiency: these processes are greatly inefficient as it leads to greater problems as damages could occur in storages which could lead to damages in the environment and even loss of creatures.
Difficulty in operation and maintenance: the process or securing storage pools and preserving storage tanks from causing the aforementioned damages is quite difficult.
Long payback periods: crude residues have few uses such as the making of road surface and plastics but due to the lack of demands compared to the amount of residues available makes the payback period long and less.

Anatoly I Papusha is the name of the man behind this awesome technology and his concept was gotten from the world largest combustion engine created for Russia’s rocket engine created in 1980. Papusha’s combustion engine was a great success, as it was able to eliminate a large volume of carbon monoxide released by the rocket and the man behind was then given a state prize award of the USSR for his invention.

It is this technology Papusha is recreating in order to make the processing of oil residues possible, in order to give refineries the opportunity to make more profits from the sales of refined residues and also creating a clean ecosystem by eliminate making good use of these residues.

The PAPUSHA ROCKET TECHNOLOGY is being remade to perform the function of refining oil residues and other waste products such as coal through the addition of special impurities discovered by Papusha, running it through very high temperature at a transonic speed which should make the residue experience a physio-chemical transformation and lastly pass through a cooling unit where the useful products are then obtained.

Products such as fuel, kerosene, gasoline, oil and more will be obtained as products after processing, which will fetch more money for refineries when sold and also eliminating the use of storage tanks which were more expensive and at the same time reducing the possibility of hazards which pollutes our environment.

The Papusha technology unlike refineries, will delineate water vapour and carbon4oxide which will be harmless to the environment and its ecosystem.

The technology will be of small dimensions which will enable it to easily be set up close to storage lakes, and also it will be made affordable and reliable for all users across the globe.

This opportunity with the combination of blockchain will be have a token which is already out as an initial coin offering which should give participants the stakes in the technology simply by owning the token which will be made available in exchange after it launches.

This is a big technology and a great step to achieving a clean ecosystem, so I suggest you all aid this great innovation in seeing its desires future for humanity.

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