Today electronic money is rapidly gaining popularity and beginning to be used everywhere, facilitating many processes ranging from transfer to other users and ending with purchases in online stores. Thanks to this, the banking system can easily control people's money transactions and receive information that can be used for its own purposes or even sold to third parties.

That is, they have both advantages and disadvantages, not allowing you to leave the privacy of personal data of customers, also at its discretion may delay transactions, and in some cases, and block accounts indefinitely. This system is very profitable for them, because all these numbers can be easily shown on the display of the ATM and transferred from another account when a person needs to withdraw cash or make a purchase online.

This situation practically began to change with the advent and development of blockchain technology, which allows to eliminate these intermediaries and the community of people confirm transfers between themselves, can send absolutely different amounts of money to anywhere in the world and at the same time everyone can view transparently the details of this transaction while remaining completely anonymous.

But now there is another problem in the use of cryptocurrencies, namely how and with what traditional money you can buy them. This list is quite limited and so far many people have to use the services of centralized exchangers, which are often closed or disappear with the funds of their users. And beginners, and ordinary crypto investors need to go through several stages before buy digital money directly. This problem and plans to solve project called FinanceX Exchange.
This startup creates a cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to buy cryptocurrencies for various traditional Fiat money in many countries, the team has twenty years of experience in the development of information technologies in the financial industry. This idea will make it easy for many people to start using digital money in a faster period of time than now.

This exchange will significantly increase the number of people, investors and traders who want to access financial services without intermediaries and make transfers to their families around the world without restrictions. This allows you to save money and time in the exchange, the average purchase of cryptocurrencies for Fiat money will be about 30 seconds and the reverse process is about one hour.

Finance will be able to give the ability to process up to 200,000 transactions per second, will increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency due to the unification of many countries, offers a lower fee compared with the current exchanges. The territorial direction will be initially taken to the South Asian countries.
Now the sale of tokens of the platform is actively going on in several rounds and will last until December 31, 2018, 900 million pieces have been released, softcap has already been collected. Holders in the first three years receive discounts on exchange processes up to 50%.

The team plans to create a decentralized platform where operations will be concluded with the help of intelligent contracts, which will significantly protect the exchange processes between users and solve the issue of trust. The token will be listed on the exchange in January 2019.

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