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As we can see, many enterprises and organizations are beginning to introduce blockchain technology into their infrastructure, the state allocates huge funds for the study and search for the best programmers to create their own cryptocurrencies and use them to improve the economy in the country.

And against the background of such events, there is a sufficient number of projects that conduct the sale of tokens and it is difficult for an ordinary investor to make a choice and there is a high probability of losing their invested funds. According to statistics, only about 10-20% of startups continue their development on the road map, develop products.

There was also a lot of scams selling false information on the growth of certain digital tokens, collecting a considerable number of people and reducing the level of confidence in the digital industry. And to correct this situation and to try to help newcomers and experienced traders make good use of its budget has created a helpful resource called Neironix.
Neironix is an online service and a working product, an independent rating agency, determining by 75 important criteria the seriousness of projects wishing to conduct their ICO, reliability and security of exchanges, reliable news and releases on existing blockchain platforms.

The site is very convenient for each user, has a simple interface, is divided into several categories and can provide really important data in the world of the digital industry, you will easily track scam projects, by the amount of the collected amount on the ICO. That is, if you previously searched for all this on different sites and lost a lot of time, now it is available in one place.

To receive updates and use information from this platform, you need to subscribe and pay with well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and also for Fiat money. Now there is a sale of own tokens of the lj project on November 30, 2018, which give discounts on services to participants, projects give the opportunity to be listed after a thorough check.
In my opinion, this is a very necessary resource for every person who wants to start exploring the world of digital money, increase their capital reliably, optimize it in a timely manner and fix profits. The team is actively working and has already released a mobile application for two operating systems. Neironix will allow you to always be aware of all the important news first, affecting the digital economy!

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