AERGO.A new look at the world of blockchain

With the development and popularization of blockchain technology all over the world, many large enterprises and small companies,as well as individuals find it attractive and promising to introduce blockchain into their work. Blockchain technology is designed to develop a simple, reliable and durable way to record digital assets and transactions.
However, blockchain technology has its drawbacks.

  • privacy and security issues
  • reliability problems
  • problems of scalability and development of software applications for blockchain
  • a specific control measure
  • difficulty in using software tools for developers
  • transaction costs
  • risks and doubts about the results of blockchain technology implementation

AERGO is a South Korean project that simplifies the process of blockchain technology implementation and offers an advanced solution.AERGO is developing a modern “corporate-level " blockchain Protocol together with an IT network using new and advanced technologies.

The benefits of AERGO

  • AERGO is designed for developers, businesses and it providers and any other key third parties.

  • The team of AERGO has already worked with large and well-known companies-Samsung, Shinhan Financial Group (the largest financial firm in SK) and Hyundai-Kia Motors.

  • AERGO offers businesses a 4th generation blockchain that is capable of running on both public and private blockchain platforms, giving businesses the ability to develop and use their own blockchain applications that offer high speed ,scalability and incredible performance.

  • AERGO sets itself the task of maximum implementation of 3 main aspects of blockchain technology: Scalability, Decentralization, Security in one infrastructure.

  • AERGO also plans to save firms from huge transaction costs.

Open platform AERGO includes 3 main elements:

  • AERGO Chain is the blockchain itself, which allows using smart contracts of the platform based on SQL .

  • AERGO Hub is an open interface that allows you to implement, build, and use applications in the AERO CHAIN network in two repositories:

  • in public (General,open) and
  • private (controlled, secure private infrastructure)
  • AERGO Marketplace-ecosystem marketplace for software applications, computing assets, etc


Token AERGO, the internal currency on the blockchain the platform AERGO. The AERGO token will be used for exchange in the AERGO network , in smart contracts, a method of payment for computing resources.Users who have tokens will be able to access a number of services open to the participant of the AERO platform.
AERGO Token is the token standard type ERC20 .
Total issued: 500,000,000 AERGO tokens.


The AERGO project leaves no doubt about the viability and prospects of this project. An important advantage of the project is working with Blocko in Korea,which has been developing blockchain chains for its customers with more than 25,000 million users for 4 years.

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