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My friends, which one of you would like to visit the casino? I really want it! And one day I practically did it … in Monaco … I was standing next to casino… But I was too embarrassed to go in, because I did not have a gorgeous dress because I did not know the rules of the game because I felt uncomfortable.
I think many people understand what I’m talking about right now. But I’m not upset- I live in the 21st century and now, to visit the casino and play any games, I only need internet and a computer. And I will tell you that every year the number of people playing online gambling increases.
The secret to the popularity of online casinos is very simple:

  • The game in real casino is available for very wealthy people. In an online casino, every visitor becomes a welcome guest.
  • A large assortment. A regular casino cannot offer such a variety of electronic games, as well as provide a simple transition from one game to another. At the same time, you can just lie on the couch.
  • In addition, online gambling can be started and finished at any convenient time.
  • Bonus system. In the online casino gamers get bonus money.
  • Online casino provides an opportunity to easily learn new games. Beginners can learn in virtual training courses to easily become a full member of the gambling world. A beginner gamer will not have to blush in front of professional players, as it would be in a real casino.
  • Each visitor can absolutely without risk learn the rules of any game, check the effectiveness of the strategy, improve their skills. And it’s all free!
    Not surprisingly, the industry of online gambling is predicting multi-billion profits.

Nevertheless, there are many problems in the online casino industry that do not allow the industry to develop in the right direction:

  • Mistrust of players to online casinos. Really, among the many brands, the potential player will choose the most popular and reliable brand of online casinos. Players are afraid that an untested resources for online games can deceive them.
  • Often developers are faced with the problem of advertising new games that they release. Advertising is very expensive, and it is almost impossible to get a license for gambling.
  • Also, private developers are faced with the problem of testing the environment for their games. Most casinos will not take risks to give the new developer a place to test games.

The JoyToken platform offers a simple solution to these problems.

The JoyToken project plans to make the gambling market fair and open, thanks to the use of blockchain technology and smart -contracts. The use of blockchain technology will allow users to control where their funds are transferred and the integrity of the results.

Through the use of smart- contracts, small businesses will be able to join forces by applying crowdfunding to raise funds to buy and order new games to compete with large online casinos. Fees and investment will be built according to the DAO type - the system of digital multi-signatures guarantees the targeted use of funds.
Also, the smart- contract will insure the player from scammers - Joy Token's "game wallets" are also smart -contracts that transfer money from the player's purse only after losing and "watching" payment for the payment of the winnings.
The random number generation mechanism will be decentralized, which means that sites and even Joy Gaming will not be able to influence the result.

On the platform, players will be able to:

  • get access to a lot of games
  • play new games
  • independently control their wallet
  • in real time mode, view results and network awards

Developers will be able to:

  • test software
  • to sell their own games to casino

All this became possible thanks to its own PlayCosmo casino site, licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao.

Joy Tokens

Joy Tokens is the internal currency of the platform for betting in the game, payment of the work of a smart- contract in the type of “gas” Ethereum (purchase of server capacities). The platform token will be constantly in demand by players, game developers, online casinos and coders who write smart contracts.
Joy Token will also provide players the opportunity to play Joy Gaming games on the PlayCosmo website.

ICO Details

Tokensale is scheduled for March 20, 2018 and will last until April 20. BTC, ETH and bank transfers are accepted for payment.
Softcap is $ 1 million, and hardcap is $ 46,340,000.


The crypto community pays close attention to projects related to real, simple and understandable application in profitable business spheres, to which gambling uniquely refers. Tokens Joy Tokens have high growth potential on the exchange, use of blockchain and smart- contracts will provide additional attention and demand.
“Transparent casino” is an interesting idea, the project ergonomically applies smart -contracts, which allows to remove questions of “fairness of the win” and opening the possibility of further development of the project.
In the future, the platform will give an impetus to the development of small business online casinos, will become a licensed blockchain center for game developers, with the possibility of receiving smart payments regulated in contracts.

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